All You Need Is Love

Sometimes, it pays being open to the fact that you cannot please people every day and you cannot expect them to be who you want them to be. Thus, having accepted this simple fact of life makes life itself easier less the frustrations and disappointments. Besides, as I would always write… life is short, so why make it complicated?

Women PowerI seldom praise ladies with my whole heart because perhaps I was raised to have this pride in me that men are supposed to be doing more than women. Being the eldest among 5 kids and being surrounded by men in the family, I grew up in a male-dominated world in an era where men are most heard that women.

Although I am not into chauvinism since our modern time has already prepared us to the concept that men and women are born equal, I still cannot totally remove remnants of past influences. In a new age where women empowerment tops the headlines, we all have to accept that our mothers, sisters and wives indeed are capable of doing our thing even more and far better. Thus, we have Cory Aquino and even Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Our culture has taught us as well that often, men praises or use flattery just to pursuit a lady and so often, praising women is taken as a means just to get back something in return. In the dialect, they call this “PAMBOBOLA” which clouds the mind of women even at times when men are indeed sincere in giving such praises.

Just yesterday, it took me a little while to say something nice to a lady who may have treated me good and at some point bad in my own perspective. At any rate, being an emotional being sometimes is not an excuse for being rude whether you are a man or a woman. Respect is an important value.

42-16589272I may have been rude. She may have been the same as well to me. Not because of personal grudges but because of the pressure around us and all the other aspects both past and present. Unfortunately, our reputation comes ahead of us. As such, we often would find ourselves in a middle of someone’s fight or in a middle of crossfire that is not ours.

It’s rather useless to detail everything but the lesson from this yet another life experience is the call for a heart-felt acceptance both of your mistakes, shortcomings and of who you really are. It is important as well to accept people for who they are and not push them onto being who they aren’t based on your preference. It’s futile.

Being sorry is not enough but being able to show indeed that you meant every letter of the word itself with genuine intention to patch things up and never to do the same foolishness is something that gives a true meaning to an apology and to why we say we are sorry after all.

By being able to have a venue to cross-path all your differences and channel all your feelings to one another in a form of an open forum is something that can bridge the gap and perhaps provide what has been missing in what should have been a good recipe for a good relationship. Once again, it has been proven that communication reconciles!

ReconciliationApplying this in a general and wider perspective, the reconciliation of a nation is attained only when there is a complete acceptance of the truth based on the acceptance of actions, its consequences along with the willingness to admit mistakes, weaknesses and shortcomings. Thus, we achieve reconciliation in its real essence.

Put this into action in terms of politics as we talk about the Aquinos, Marcoses and Arroyos, then we have a total reconciliation as a nation that can finally bring a complete unity to all sectors both civic and political. Thus, we gear ourselves and our nation towards progress, growth and success.

Acceptance of someone’s weakness comes along with the acknowledgement of the strength of others. Praises can delivered less the flattery if done with genuine intention coupled by supporting gestures. Admission of shortcomings stems the ability to cast an apology whole-heartedly. Thus, forgiveness is easy to grant.

Sampaloc CandyLife is full of learning. As we grow and take the path we are destined to take in this journey, we encounter mishaps unexpectedly. Condemnation and regret or waging a war will never bring any resolution especially when the intention is not to fix things but to get back and make even. Things happen for a purpose whether good or bad.

Today, I continue to trek this often rough journey but with lesser excess baggage. In due time, I intend to expedite reaching my destination by totally removing all the unnecessary loads in my back by means of positive approach to life and by exerting efforts to reach out to both difficult and not-so-difficult people in the hope of converting them as assistants and catalysts to your journey to success rather than hurdles.

Now I remember the famous Tamarind Candy in Pampanga that bears in its wrapper the words that does not only make a candy as sour as a tamarind sweet but can make life’s bitterness sweet after all. True as it can be… ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Hehehe. That’s the candy’s brand and that’s what we all need! Cheers to all.