As the CANDLE of the couple NINOY and CORY AQUINO melts as it nears its end, let us follow the call of gathering the melted wax, remoulding it and installing a new candle wick so we can bring back life to the CANDLE once more and light the nation with FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

From GMANEWS TV26 years ago, a wife lost a husband.  5 young kids lost their father. A clan lost a sibling, a brother and a patriarch. More so, a nation lost a senator and future president. The nation mourned. People from all walks of life both rich and poor took the streets to make a change. Thus. People Power was born and Cory Aquino took the oath of office as the new president delivering democracy back to all of us.

26 years after that and barely 20 days before the exact day that Ninoy Aquino was assasinated and died as a martyr for the Philippines, his wife and former lady president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino died. The nation united once more to mourn and to commemorate all the good things that the Mother of Philippine Democracy brought to this nation once prisoned with dictatorship.

Just today, we have witnessed an unending funeral  march lasting almost 8 hours with hundreds of thousands people participating in the procession covering tens of kilometers of Manila’s streets with people lined up on the entire stretch of the route. It was a day of miracle that even the sky, the stars, the sun and the rain cooperated and mourned as well to the lady we all loved so much.

It’s done. The crypt has now been sealed and cemented. The funeral is almost over but the death of the Aquino couple is not the end but a beginning of a renewed crusade for good governance and a lasting democracy. The ball is now passed onto us to continue the fight that they all have started. Today is a celebration of our renewal to our vow as Filipinos – in our minds, in our words, in our deeds and in our heart and soul.

As how we showed our love and support in the previous days, let us continue to live the lessons of our history brought by these two Filipinos – Ninoy and Cory Aquino in our small little ways. To start, let us register and vote wisely this coming election due 2010. Let us choose the right leaders that will take the same fight of our forefathers and not merely serve under their thirst for power and wealth. 

Today marks the beginning of that renewed crusade. Today marks the awakening of the Filipino Nation in its struggle to change things for the better. Let us unite and stand for democracy that our heroes both known an dunknown fought for!   Let us mould the candle anew and keep its flame burning. Let us justify that  indeed THE FILIPINO IS WORTH DYING FOR… 

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