Funeral March

She is well beloved indeed! Rain or shine, the Filipino people flocked in tens of thousands out in the streets to give their last respect and farewell bids to the late icon of democracy and the persona of good and hinest governance who died in the wee hours of the first Saturday of August 2009. From then on, we have witnessed the outpouring of love and support of the masses coming from all walks of life both rich and poor as seen in her corteges from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral last Monday and today for the last time towards Manila Memorial Park.

More than 200,000 people marched the streets and thrice the said number paid their last glimpse to the icon of democracy since she died. The nation suddenly paused as millions of people took their turns in paying a visit, marching and some tuning in to tho unite their radios and televisions for the said historical event. Not even a Manny Pacquiao fight can cause such a powerful magic that united people regardless of color, belief, status and notwithstanding the weather condition. She united us all for the very last time. It was People Power once again!

The funeral march almost started lunch time and still as of writing, it has been plying the South Luzon Expressway for almost 6 hours now with people untiringly walking along with the remains of the late Former Lady President of the Philippines – Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. Since I woke up in the morning until almost 4PM that the live broadcast at ABS-CBN 2 was cut off due to regular programmings, I have stood in front of the television watching the entire event from the last mass until the funeral procession as a gesture of respect and courtesy since I was not able to partake in the said event due to the weather, the huge crowd and the length of the march that my wife and son would definitely have a hard time coping with if they were to go with me.

She was indeed an inspiration. No other couple in the history of this country or even in the modern democratic and free world that we knew of who gave their lives as a sacrifice just for others to enjoy the freedom and democracy that they truly deserve. I share with the sentiments as well of the Aquino siblings whose parents were public property even since they were born to witness how their father and mother would transform the lives of millions of Filipino people and inspire other nations as well of the value of public service and self-less devotion to democracy, social-equity, justice, freedom and the love of God above all things. Thus, I am proud to be a Filipino worth for them to die for.

Farewell my dear President Cory Aquino!