I just heard about this news and so far, I am too focused on giving my last gesture of respect to the late former lady president. Thus, I do not intend to react on this video where Willie Revillame  had yet another controversial act populating criticisms and feedbacks. I have watched the footage taken from YOUTUBE and so far, the meaning and intention would rely on the viewer’s interpretation and perspective.

Sometimes, good intentions become bad depending on how the act is delivered such as what we have seen at Wowowee. At some point, people tend to be too sensitive and too meticulous at finding fault at something or onto someone which we all have to accept especially for public figures such as Willie Revillame. Thus, we all need to mind our actions 24×7 because the right to express is never absolute!

I know that this rift perhaps or the exchange of feedbacks  is normal but then again, at a time where the nation is mourning, I do hope that we could shift the topic and talks to what matters most now and rather attend to such intrigues perhaps afterwards. I know that what has been done could have been taken well if done at the backstage or during a commercial break but it’s done already.

Perhaps, the intention was genuine but having it done in public when it can be taken privately during a break has somehow shown a little spec of blatant disrespect not just to the dead, to the Aquino family and supporters, to the worldwide viewers and to the ABS-CBN Management but also to the very reason why we have the Freedom of Expression which is the lifeblood of television broadcasting.   

Well, I have read some blogs and the comments written by its respective readers. To this end, points are to be taken and noted as they merit good inputs for learning and improvement. As for the people involved, we all have to learn and practice caution. We all need to be sensitive on the actions and words that we show and tell because we need to consider the emotions of others and the situation as well.

So let’s join hands once again and let us go back to regular programming. I am sure that this topic will be reopened come the days to come but right now, let us not dwell on it. Besides, we have more good things to talk and write about Cory Aquino and that is what matters most now. Let us maximize the remaining time we have to show our last act of respect and farewell to the Icon of Democracy – our Beloved Cory Aquino!