Ninoy Aquino

I was driving along EDSA this morning taking my usual route from home to office when I decided to tune-in to my favorite radio station – DZMM 630 RADYO PATROL! I missed the radio program of NIEL OCAMPO – TODO BALITA and I was thinking too much of the current events of the nation and the long Monday traffic so I needed to listen to something worthwhile. Besides I miss THE BUZZ and all the statement that Kris Aquino made in public about how Cory Aquino humbly and silently fought oppression and politics of tyranny even until the very last end.

I love watching, listening and even reading news and current events. It is something that makes me an active citizen of this land because I feel that by being informed and aware, I can best involve myself on the businesses of this nation be it direct or indirect. Besides, how can you show your concern and support for your country and all its endeavors if you do not even care knowing what is happening? Well, driving with an AM radio is the best time for me to do all these. 

So I took a right turn to MANNY VILLAR’S STARMALL just before the EDSA-SHAW UNDERPASS to take a shortcut to MAKATI via MANDALUYONG BRIDGE and so I had less traffic and more room to listen to DOS POR DOS by my favorite commentators ANTHONY TABERNA and GERRY BAJA. For today, they used their program to give their last tribute to the late lady president Cory Aquino less political opinions but with the same pun and humor.

I was not able to read in detail last night as I had to do some harvesting with my FARMTOWN via FACEBOOK. I got so tired as well doing a last minute ironing of my son’s school uniforms since we spent the weekend in the province so I went to bed at around 2AM to prevent migraine attack. Thus, I missed reading the news ahead. I usually read , and as early as 1AM so I am updated as I wake up. I was not able to do that today so it was only with DOS POR DOS that I got updated about today’s activities.

The remains of the late lady president were to be taken early morning from La Salle Greenhills in Mandaluyong City to the Manila Cathedral but it was announced that the event will take place just before lunch. The weather was not that good as well but as of writing, CORY AQUINO is really so loved that nature gave her a good sunshine after almost a night of rain. 

So far, several key personalities both political, showbiz and even common people have already paid their tribute to the icon of democracy. All paid their last tribute and respect for her except for the ARROYO FAMILY and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Cabinet members. It was something that even Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja had to take for an urgent appeal to the current administration to show courtesy and gesture of respect by paying at least a visit to the wake.

Indeed, all that was to remain as politics became too obviously personal for the politicians who have shown their last minute neglect of granting last minute respect even when the nation observes unity amidst political views and affiliations at this time. In the end, after not even having to bother visit the ailing former president who was confined for quite some time, the Malacanang Palace suddenly proposes a state funeral that befits a great former lady president. Isn’t this ironic?

Thus, I can fully understand Kris Aquino’s rejection of such offer! The presidency resides not in the Malacanang Palace but with the people because the presidency is for the people, of the people and by the people. Things could have been better for the administration if they acted same at least like former foes such as former president JOSEPH ERAP ESTRADA, THE MARCOSES and even former REBEL LEADERS and their groups who gave their last heart-felt respect to the late former lady president.

As I was listening to the radio commentators, I even learned about how two of the late former lady president’s security escorts were removed from her perhaps because of her upfront opposition to the current president due to various unresolved scandals and corruptions facing the said administration. When every former presidents were privileged to be assured of security, why would the government stripped her of security escorts and even demand Cory Aquino to write a position letter justifying the need for the government to continue providing her the 2 bodyguards! This is really hard to digest! I have attached a YOUTUBE video taken from the web of Kris Aquino at THE BUZZ.

I do not intend to be too political or sound too personal of the government but with the news we read on the dailies and on the internet, programs we hear over the radio and documentaries we see on televisions plus the things that we get to feel because of this, I cannot help but find such a big waste for what the late husband and wife both considered as national heroes of this nation fought for because we along with the current government has forgotten to treasure, cherish and even put value to the very democracy given to us through their sacrifices and struggles!

The late former lady PRESIDENT CORAZON COJUANCO AQUINO has inspired us a lot both in her presidency, in her simple private lifestyle and in her peaceful civil advocacies through prayers. In her sudden death, the inspiration has to be kept alive and passed onto the generations to come. We need to take all the values and lessons placed in our hearts. Amidst persecution and hardship, we need to partake in the struggle to make this nation a better place to live and a free country for all regardless of color, religion, opinion and social status. Let us make her death along with her husband something that justifies that indeed – THE FILIPINO IS WORTH DYING FOR!