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It has been several times that I have gotten some feelers and unsolicited notes regarding my manner of expression and why I had to be so vocal when others live in comfort by being silent and playing numb, dumb and safe. Well, the answer is very simple! I cannot help it because that’s me! I cannot be who I am not and I rather be who I am than pretend and oversell myself just like the others!

Life is so short. Even when you get to be lucky enough to live for more than the hundred mark, you will still find the scarcity of time attached with you because of the limitless possibilities and capabilities that an individual can have. No man would settle for something less. Thus, it is because of this that we rather break free from the monotonous routine of life and liberate ourselves from all these restrictions imposed by others!

I do not intend to refer to the law as being a restriction to one’s full capacity as a human being but with all the norms and standards that someone has to cope with just to suit and please people! I am a non-conformist! I believe in self-expression for as long as it does not violate other people’s lives!

We are not robots. We are not made to live under the mercy of a remote control. We are alive! We were given the mind to think and decide whatever is good for us and for others. We were given our basic senses to be able to see the reality of life, to hear other people’s voices, to smell the beauty of life, to feel the touch of love and to speak one’s mind so that others may be enlightened. Why let situation limits you?

Given the limited timeframe, why deprive one’s self from being able to do what you were made to do? Why be gagged when you can speak and express? Why live in the dark and be a puppet just to please people when you know you are alive and you have your own free will to decide over what is important to you and what is best and right for you and for the society? At the end of the day, what legacy can you leave to the younger generations?

This is me. I talk not just because I feel like talking but because I know I have to and my mandate as a citizen is to speak the truth regardless of the risks because it is my moral obligation to stand by whatever is good and best for those that needs such voice. I write because I want to speak my mind. I want to express myself because that’s what responsible freedom is all about – having to stand for a cause!

Thus, if you by chance get so affected and irritated in reading my blog, then why bother reading? No one asked you to go at this URL and read my posts from Day 1 to present but you are doing it! Now, you get so affected by having to feel like being stoned and trashed by my writings that you accuse me of casting tirades and blows agains you? Hmp. The solution is simple. Do not read this personal blog and stop reading someone’s online journal if you think that you are going to regret and hate doing such afterwards!

Shouldn’t you be thankful that the mere fact that my writing affects you and your cohorts actually rewards you an instant realization about you and your life along with your deeds? The very instance that you are able to feel something after reading some of my articles is an indication that amidst all your past actions and behavior, you are still human because you are still able to feel the sting of the truth! Thus, this blog even becomes helpful to you! Don’t you think so?

Just sharing my quick summon and fair comment to blog readers who may either love or hate opinions! Life is beautiful. Why be bothered on someone’s expression and free speech? Just smile! It’s just a blog anyway!