I am still reading a blog from a friend’s wife. I am actually crying as I write this. It is hard to discribe the feeling right now.  I intend to write a better blog entry for this later but right now, I want to post a primer. Sometimes, I tend to ask why but perhaps same as with the blogger’s statement, things do happen for a reason!

The link of the blog I wish to feature is embedded in the image below and I had to seek my friend’s permission to write something about this. It’s been quite awhile and it’s only now that I was able to learn about this. I do not want to say that this is a predicament or a problem because in a different perspective, it should not be treated this way. Some things happen for a purpose. 

The blog that I have taken a screenshot of below is a journal not just of a regular web enthusiast but of a mother and a wife trying to best life’s day to day challenges amidst all odds side by side with his husband and their Little Princess. and are journals of a simple family and the great reality they have to face that can indeed touch lives.

Just when you thought you have all the reason to quit life because your love life is a mess or that your career is not going anywhere or that you simply cannot get all the luck in life… Well, pause for a while and see how Chique Rose, Mannix and their Little Princess Yvonne has tried to hold on and win all the struggles they have with life one day at a time… with a smile!

Note: I intend to write more and have this story shared. Anyone from ABS-CBN’s Maalaala Mo Kaya or GMA 7’s Magpakailanman? My friend Mannix wanted this done as well not because of the assistance that they can get out of this that can be of great help for their Little Princess but because their story can open hearts and minds and somehow touch lives. I do not know how extensive my readership is but I know that this blog would by itself reach out.

Just today, I am Yvonne’s Number 1 Fan!!! I asked her daddy to whisper to her that she has a new friend and that’s Tito Ryan.  Thanks Mannix! I always thought of you as the biggest clown that we have at the office. I never thought that you were bigger than who you are! Thanks Chique for your wonderful journal! Same as with the late Amiel Alcantara of Ateneo Grade School, I am thankful for your Little Princess for making me realize alot of things and for making me value my fatherhood more than ever! Now I have to sleep beside my son always!!!