Migraine Drawing

Lately, I have been a frequent visitor at the medical clinic because of severe headache. Before, I used to love headache and migraine because I can get to justify filing a sick leave and enjoy resting at home but not anymore. It is not anymore funny when you cannot even sleep or eat because your head is like being pierced open and you cannot even open your eyes because of the pain.

Yes indeed. I always wanted to consume my leave credits especially if they are not commutable to cash but then again, I am sure that no one would like to capitalize on pain just to have an instant vacation. It is not fun at all being on a bed rest for an entire week hot-tempered and with no appetite at all for food or even for a simple conversation because of all the pain experienced.

Thus, I am sharing some quick information below for reference. I hope to expand the data further so I could provide some house cures and other tips on how to cope up with Migraine and Stress Headache. Right now, the best cure for my case is getting away from stress. Having to think alot both day and night and having to worry much is not just bad for someone’s outlook in life but it is not good as well for someone’s health.


Migraine Headaches

Migraine Illustration

Migraine Illustration 2




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