I know that a lot of us would agree to the fact that repaying a debt of gratitude is almost always a thing that any individual would want to do first and foremost. Getting a favor whether big or small commands the person for a repayment whether demanded or not as a gesture of courtesy and appreciation.

The will to return a favor is something that merits righteousness but it can also corrupt. Depending on the situation, paying a debt of gratitude just because a friend helped you is good on the context that the favor being demanded in return speaks about good and legal favors.

I know some people who would grab sponsorships for a political ambition or career advancement so once they get to reach their goal; they return the favor back by giving either special privileges or authority to the sponsors. Thus, we have corruption both in the government and in the corporate sector.

Repaying a debt is a good trait but only when it is within the context of good. Not being able to look back and thanks the very individuals who were vital for your success is something that is not appreciated by the society. A person who borrows something has to learn how to return whatever things or favor he got.

If a friend did so much good deeds to you, repay him with good deeds as well. Pay loyalty for loyalty. Pay trust with trust. As the saying goes, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH. Though this saying is a little bit used in the context of violence, I am using it in a different perspective.

If someone lent you a dollar, you have to pay him a dollar. No more. No less. At any rate, for people who have done so much good for an entity or a nation, the entity or the nation should take this contribution by heart. Although patriotism and dedication are virtues worth noting, nothing is free in this world.

Heroes give their lives. In the end, we pay them the respect and admiration for hundreds or even thousands of years. Great leaders rule the world only to be given all the perks in life – power, luxury and the feeling of being in control amidst all the sacrifices out of their positions. At any rate, they are compensated.

The problem now lies with the fact that some people ignore this. Some people have yet to learn that paying one’s debt is important. I know some individuals who would exploit human capital and push them to their limits uncompensated. I know individuals themselves who have sacrificed their time and effort for quite some time only to be ignored and denied remuneration for their services.

Time will make them pay someday!