SunTzuI have always been fascinated by the writings of Sun Tzu and somehow, his illustration of the Art of War is something that enables me not just to learn how to devise a strategy in life but to conquer and emerge as victor with all struggles that comes along. I am a fierce warrior of life.

I am a warrior of life and all the things that makes it hard for anyone to bear. I live to fearlessly write and voice out for justice and social equity. I brave myself to speak out what my mind tells even when the preference for safety is silence. I fear noone and I fear nothing. We won’t be trekking the same path anyway.

I have been in so many battles both happy and sad. I have lost some and won alot of my battles but I have never surrendered in any of these confrontations. Amidst persecution and all instances of being unjustly accused and judge, I fight back. The only means of self-vindication is by having to wage a war and having to win them all one after the other.

There are several ways to win a war. One of the best teachings of Sun Tzu is the thought of being able to know and master the terrain of war. Having to know all the conditions and even all the factors of both the environment and the climate whether literal or metaphorical is something that merits an advantage.

Knowing you fight well beyond the profile of your enemies is important. The knowledge you have regarding possible scenarios and conditions around such situations are important for better planning. If you know where to strike because you have surveyed your enemies vulnerability, then you have the advantage towards winning the war.