Once there was this young professional who lobbied a labor complaint to the labor department. A labor officer arrived and soon began investigating. The grounds were valid and violations were noted as complained.

The labor officer then called the young professional and casted a simple request – a new car stereo. The complainant refused to do so on the premise that if the labor officer is tolerated on such wrongdoing, what would keep him away from going to the company being complained about and ask for a higher bid?

Soon after, the case was almost junked. No reports were received and even an update was never made known. No hearing took place and the issue died out only to find out from one of the company officer that they took the labor officer to Havana once day and treated him a fancy meal and some drinks. Who knows what else was given as a treat or as a grease offering perhaps?

It is sad. Just when people put their trust and hope on the government that such individuals tend to violate and disappoint the citizenry with such evil deeds! It is sad as well how foreigners or aliens can do such violations when their stay in this country is bounded by a vow not to engage in such violative actions.

Whether it be denied or not, treating a government officer investigating against you is something that is bribery already and aliens engaged in such actions should be punished! Now the problem is that having to witnessed all of these, the young professionals like us does not even have any assurance that we will get justice without the fear of being scrutinized and denied fair trial when some people can afford to buyout their cases?

This is the very reason why I wanted to enter Law School!!!