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I have been a writer since childhood. I express myself more though writing than any other forms of communication. Thus, I got into blogging and recently with twitting or Twitter. I almost got addicted to it that often I would create new friends and even have new enemies because of how I speak my mind. I was tagged as MAX SOLIVEN and even a TULFO by some classmates and teachers way back! Well, I am a fierce writer so to speak!

Farm Town

Anyway, I am also distracted sometimes and a good computer game can easily divert my attention from writing to playing. This is next to my love for photography and art by the way. So even in my search for a means to increase my network and find a way or a wall to write my thoughts, I get to sign up to most of the known social networks just to write and recently… to play!

Initially, I thought of social networks as a way to establish a bulletin board of thoughts plus have an instant audience through the web to share your expressions. Everything was aimed at communication until I found out that this entire endeavor can also lead me to yet another interesting form of self-entertainment – online games!

So one day, I logged to my FACEBOOK account and tried FARM TOWN and MAFIA WARS! Well, aside from curiousity, I also wanted to join the bandwagon finally amidst being a non-conventional and non-conformist! Besides, having to see my wife and son play FARM TOWN all day using our 2 laptops and 1 desktop at home even before I have installed a WIFI network at home is in itself tempting for me to check what they are getting hooked into.

Farm TownSo I tried playing it. I planted some grapes and waited every 4 hours to harvest and earn some cash. The game tested my patience because before I get to earn a penny, I had to wait for hours to harvest and earn since I cannot even plow without resources. That was until wife told me that I can do farming for others. Yeah! Outsourcing as they say or simply sub-contracting!

Thus, I got more addicted when my remaining cash of $5 became $75,000. Now, I need not to plow and harvest. I let others do it for me with minimal fee via the Marketplace. I just buy seeds and plant them afterwards. Soon, my 9-year old son would teach me other tricks. We would go to the Inn and even chat with other players both mothers and kids while waiting for farming jobs and harvest time.

While getting hooked to FARM TOWN, my time for BLOGGING and for TWITTER was affected. Hehehe. Although I was know to be good for MULTI-TASKING and that ALT-TAB is an option someone can have to perform multiple tasks, I got so addicted to FARM TOWN that I had to skip other tasks while playing. Hahaha. I became a FARM TOWN geek! Hahaha.

Just yesterday, I tried planting corns so I have 3 days to wait for harvesting since I cannot access FACEBOOK at the office because of our office firewall. I get to go home early as well to check my account for messages and even add some more applications to earn cash. It was indeed a fine means to entertain one’s self to counter office stress.

Well, since I am still waiting for my farm’s HARVEST SEASON and that I am in the office where FACEBOOK is blocked, I finally had time to BLOG while reading and replying to office emails. I am also able to access TWITTER and get some updates plus expand my LINKEDIN network. At any rate, home for me means no blog and no twitter for now as it is reserved for FARM TOWN! Hahaha. That’s just for now!