Mocha Girls at Metro Concert Bar

Sometime last June, I was in a meeting with a prospective business partner discussing about a proposition related to my profession. I was seriously presenting some of the key points of the proposal when the gentleman that I was talking to along with my colleagues went to talk about an upcoming gig with a group of female singers so controversial these days. Hmmm. One of the senior officers in that company was actually a co-producer of the show so the lady performers became a topic. Hahaha. We started talking about them and somehow, the meeting lasted longer than expected. It seems that everyone wanted to see the show! Hahaha.

Mocha Girls - TicketsIn the end, we were able to secure tickets as we joked about having our photos with the ladies through the help of the co-producer friend. Hehehe. The show was set on July 11, 2009 at the Metro Concert Bar. It was dubbed as “DELICIOUS MOCHA GIRLS” featuring Mocha, Hershey, Grace and Bez of Viva Records’ Mocha Girls with Maui Taylor and Katya Santos of Viva Hot Babes as guests. Well, I know Mocha Girls as a singing group and I have seen them perform before. So I know them at least from the times I was able to watch them at Blue Wave with friends and during our last visit there where one of them even had to go to our table to ask my friend Elmer to sing with her. They weren’t as famous then compared to present but they were pretty good already way back then.

I can still remember one time where one of my friends showed me this video with JC Parker and Mocha Unson doing some sexy lesbian act together. I was not a fan then but I got curious. I got curious neither about Mocha Unson nor their group but with JC Parker. Hehehe. I used to like fair-skinned chubby and a little mature ladies just for the looks and JC Parker matches my preferences. Well, it was just for the mere appreciation of the looks and physique. No more. Mocha GirlsNo less. Hehehe. Anyway, I was never a fanatic and I am a little used to seeing ladies performing on stage both wholesome and mature or sexy so I am not new to such shows. Nonetheless, after last night’s show, I have changed a bit. Hahaha.

Indeed, they have the looks, wits, the charm and great talents! The Mocha Girls are not only good singers and dancers but they are expert as well in entertaining people and making each of their shows interesting even to the very serious geek present. With the way they have accommodated people including fans for the after-gig photo shoots amidst exhaustion and fatigue from having to sing and dance for almost 3-4 hours is really remarkable. You cannot have similar close-encounters with other artists just like that without having to pass all the scrutiny and make-faces. As with them, they have remained as simple, friendly and down-to-earth as possible. No wonder they are greatly patronized and liked. Suddenly, I was an instant fan! Hahaha.

Group Photo with Mocha GirlsAs soon as I reached home, I logged in to my Facebook to search for the profile of the “MOCHA GIRLS”. Hahaha. I added myself as a fan and I posted some comments as soon as saw their profile. I published as well one of the photos I took as a status. Hahaha. It’s not that I am a fanatic but I just feel like being a fan just for the day. Hahaha. I used to blog a lot about serious stuffs until I started blogging as well about showbiz. I went to try Twitter recently and I got into it because I get to share tweets with both politicians and celebrities. Hahaha. Now, I wanted to blog about this recent show I have seen just for the sake of giving in to myself and to my caprices. It is like a “LAST SONG SYNDROME” always that you get to be so interested about people who you last met just as being so attached to a song that you last heard!

After-Gig Photos with Mocha GirlsAnyway, I am just sharing. I might take some photos and profile descriptions from the web so I can put up a nice blog entry for them. It will be my first time as well to post personal photos as I have not posted any photo of me in any of my blog entries before. At any rate, I am making this write-up just to express my thoughts right now. It’s been quite awhile already since I promised myself not to do clubbing, partying and drinking-sprees. I was into a healthy living and a hiatus from night life and last night was a little liberating. Hahaha. I am sure that Jeff, Erick, Ritche and even Lerdel will get to laugh out so loud once they get to read this.

Anyway, as I said, I am just expressing my appreciation that our entertainment industry has talents like the MOCHA GIRLS who are so good in their respective craft that they are even likened to the PUSSYCAT DOLLS! Hahaha. The over-all experience was really great and I think I may have to schedule some of my Tuesdays at Mugen Bar and Wednesdays at Blue Wave to appreciate them more! Right Erick? Cheers!’

Please see some videos below from the concert last night  taken from MOCHA GIRLS’ YOUTUBE CHANNEL –