Thanks to http://atdhe.net for the free live broadcast. Please see the screenshots below taken from the live streams. This blog entry is to be updated as soon as the completion of the event. It said to start at 01:00PM but now it is being moved at 01:30PM. Click the link (http://atdhe.net)  or you can click the image below and select the livecast item same as in the image below. This list may change over time and the performance of the stream will depend greatly on the traffic.

Anyway, I have provided some screenshots taken from 12:00 for those who cannot view the live streams. I may fall asleep halfway the show so I may not provide you all the complete screenshots so please bear with what is here. Anyay, farewell to Michael Jackson and Cheers to all!

Memorial 0

Memorial 1

Memorial 2

Memorial 3

Memoria 4

Memorial 5

Memorial 6

Memoria 7

 Memorial 8

Memoria 9

Memorial 10

Memorial 11

 Memoria 12

Memorial 13

Memoria 14

Memorial 15

 Memorial 16

Memorial 17

Memoria 18

 Memoria 19

Memorial 20

Memorial 21