gospelA lazy Sunday indeed! After our Saturday DVD Movie Night at home, waking up early is the hardest part. We almost went to bed past 4AM of Sunday so we all woke up late just before lunch! Since we used to hear the Holy Mass at lunch time, we had a short breakfast and quick bath to catch the mass. Although most of us were still sleepy, we had to wake ourselves since we only get to spend an hour for the Holy Eucharist once every 7 days so why be lazy? Besides, we were only a few steps away from the church so we needed not to worry much if travel were to be the issue but we needed to arrive early since my son is serving at the parish. So we rushed all the preparation and made it ahead of time.

I have missed so many Sundays because of work and some out-of-town trips with the family. At any rate, this does not make me more or less of a church member in terms of faith. I am a Catholic and a Christian by heart and by soul. Anyway, the Gospel for the day was great and inspiring. The Homily shared was all about the word GOSPEL and the meaning beyond the Good News that it brings and the challenges that comes along with it. The priest stressed as well the need to have the disposition to strengthen the faith of the family towards God. It was all about faith where one is being called to believe even without seeing rather than having to use the concept of “to see is to believe”. Having to receive and believe in the Good News is a calling that we all should take with all our hearts, mind and soul without doubts, fear and second thoughts.

NilagaAnyway, the mass ended after an hour so we decided to walk home after getting a copy of MANILA BULLETIN. We opt not to go to malls anymore since we are all sleepy and a bit hungry. So as we entered the house, I opened up the computer and started twitting. Hehehe. My wife asked me to prepare a special lunch for them as they were folding dried clothes from yesterday’s laundry. They enjoyed so much the SWEET CHICKEN LIVER ADOBO and the SPICY SINIGANG that I prepared for them recently that they are now requesting for my BESTSELLER – NILAGANG BABOY! Hehehe. Besides, after having a wonderful FOOD FOR THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT through the GOSPEL, why not enjoy a GOOD FOOD FOR THE BODY – A PERFECT LUNCH as they say!

So while my son and wife were talking inside the room, I took out half a kilo of pork, cabbage, bananas, potatoes, pechay, onions, garlic, peppercorn and Knorr’s Pork Broth cube to start my cooking! It took me less time since NILAGANG BABOY is a straight-forward cooking plus GOOGLE is really a good cooking assistant! Hehehe. Well, this one is so easy since you just boil the pork and afterwards, you proceed to simmer it along with the vegetables. While doing so, I took 4 cups of rice and had it cooked at our rice cooker then I started twitting and reading some blogs. Occasionally, I would read the newspaper that I got while waiting.

sinigang-na-baboyAt last, the rice cooker alarmed. My NILAGANG BABOY is also done. I called my wife to set the table and we all sat to enjoy a PERFECT LUNCH! Although it was a late lunch since it was almost past 1PM then, nonetheless, everyone’s appetite was really in the mood. My son ate a lot as he was praising me and so does my wife. While eating, I was playing some jokes as always. I used to tell them that if I were to cook for them every day, they will be the luckiest diners in the planet since it is like having to dine out every day in an expensive restaurant all in confinement of our home because they have a good cook! Hahaha.

Well, my parents and even relatives cook a lot and they are blessed with the talent in creating great-tasting delicacies! Well, after eating our late lunch, we all enjoyed our YOGURT from yesterday and almost consumed our supply of YAKULT. We usually get lots of YAKULT since its TV AD says that it’s good for the health. Hehehe.  So after eating and cleaning all the mess, the three of us decided to take our afternoon nap! All of us went to bed and woke up almost past 7PM. Hehehe. 5 hours of nap time just after having a heavenly lunch! Perfect!

liverwithsauceSo for dinner, since were all still feeling full so we just thought of consuming what was left from our lunch. That was to save time in preparation since most of us are feeling a little bit lazy already. More so, we hate spoilage so we took our dinner and afterwards, we all went back to our room and had our usual Sunday chat. Well, since tomorrow is Monday, we had to sleep early. After our chat, I sent my son to bed along with my wife and I went to do some blogging and twitting when I saw them asleep already. I am an insomniac so sleeping is something that I get some trouble with in the evening.

So here I am right now, blogging, twitting and also chatting with some friends. Perhaps I would settle for another hour or watch a DVD so I can tire myself and fall asleep. Well, I am happy for having to end the weekend right. Imagine having to enjoy the weekend with the family with so much provision to satisfy both our body and our soul with the chance to cook best dishes flavored with love and having to listen, receive and believe in the Good News of God through the Holy Eucharist. Thank you Lord for the FOOD for the BODY and the FOOD for our SOUL that you have been giving us!

Well, tomorrow is another day. I will spend hours at work having to battle with issues and people who cannot help themselves in putting all the blame and baseless accusations on me and my team. I need all the inspiration and all the energy I could have from my family and from the Lord to pass all these along with my team. Anyway, as I said in my previous blog, there is always a time for putting up a fight. The meantime, this blog entry is for HAPPY THOUGHTS ONLY. Hehehe. Cheers to all!

Source: Images from La Kusina and The Cook Mobile via Google Image Search