It is quite sad. Sometimes I tend to think that there are indeed people who find joy in hastily and falsely judging others. More so, these individuals tend to make fun out of the misfortunes and weakness of the minority through abuse and false accusations. They believe on what they wish to believe without checking facts. They cast judgments and decisions without weighing the scene and the occurrences because of prejudices! 

I have seen so many times that when you keep your mouth shut and you tend to use silence as a safety net, all you get is being tagged as the usual suspect of a crime or any wrongdoing that you know by heart that you are clueless and innocent. Should you prefer talking against them, you end up with all the reason to be blamed for anything that may happen wrong just because your opposition to them merits suspicion. It’s unfair.

Today is just like any ordinary day. Things happen. Some images of sex scandals of a male officer have circulated. This married foreign guy was shown having some illicit sexual acts with younger men. Each of us had some mixed reactions but then again, having exposed recently to a nationwide case of a celebrity sex scandal, we were already open to such topic. As usual, the question raised by all was the identity of the sender and perhaps the motives behind the proliferation of the images.

Due to the recent lay-offs of almost 100-150 employees out from our original count of more than 200 plus some issues raised prior regarding work conditions and some labor standard violations, the company has made itself a target of criticisms and protests whether made vocal or kept internal. With this statistics, we have almost hundred of possible answers to the question of identity of the sender. Nonetheless, this was not even regarded. Some people have their own answers already.

It is unfair indeed! I have just overheard awhile ago that it seems a certain team is being tagged as suspects or rather as the usual suspects. Perhaps they were tagged because their project is nearing its end and that would mean that each project team member will be redundated and dismissed from their regular employment come the end date of the project. Due to this, they have ruled out that this situation could have pushed the entire team to such act! It’s wrong!

Again, there were hundreds of people terminated. More so, the team has been working from Mondays to Fridays for them to be able to send such email. There are also several people who may have had their own anger with the company that is beyond our knowledge. Nonetheless, the management seem to have sided on the thinking that someone inside must have done the said act – either an individual or a group worth our thanks.

Honestly, they were all wrong! Even if they put all the blame on the team for such act that was never even done by any of the members, there is no point at all! They have tried to tarnish the reputation of each resources assigned to the team. Some people who wanted to save their jobs and their faces turned their backs on their own race in favor of aliens who never even cared about their welfare. The team fought so hard for everyone. Everyone benefitted in the end – but the team never even got a dime out of this fight!

I am disappointed. I am disappointed for the very same reason that the cause that the team advocated for almost 2 years with regards to employee welfare and social equity that has just gone to trash because some individuals would rather value personal gains over what is good for all. Betrayal of color is a thing that has gone normal for them. Now I have to feel so much regret for having to fight for someone who was on a brink of termination due to redundancy because months after her salvation, she turned her back on us.

Imagine having to pool all your allies in the round-table just to justify the need to retain a resource that is not even performing. Imagine having to stress the need for her to be retained when in reality, her post is not even needed and her performance is a mere example of a redundancy process and a waste of money for the company. Nonetheless, we have succeeded in having to retain her yet she must have vowed to herself to do everything to retain her job from then on. Thus, she turned her back on the very same people who helped her and sided on the individuals who almost kicked her out of the office. Need indeed creates parasites!  

With all the accusations and false judgments on the team, I just hope that someday fate will get back on them all. They will have their chance with destiny to pay for all their debts someday. They will reap indeed whatever bad grass that they have sown!

Just sharing a fair comment and expressing an opinion out of free speech in the hope that someday social justice and equity at the workplace is delivered to all people regardless of job status, color, beliefs, religion and political views!