Saturday is the most hectic of the week for me. Aside from the fact that I sleep late on a Friday due to the things I have to finish and on the parties I have to attend, Saturday is a housekeeping day for the family. I do the laundry at times with my wife and I clean the house from ceiling to almost all corners of the house down to the floor while my son would love to clean the bathroom. Afterwards, I prepare lunch or dinner. I usually do not cook since we used to have a house-helper but when I do, everyone in the house is pushed to eat a lot. Well, I came from the province known for good cooks and great tasting food! So, when I take-over the kitchen, it is expected that I deliver a perfect meal and that is always the case! Hehehe.

So for Saturday, I woke up a little late since I had to meet the guys on Friday night after taking my wife and son for a dinner and an ICE AGE 3 movie. Since I was able to bank on some emotional investment with my wife by fetching them early and taking them to a movie, I was allowed just before midnight to leave and meet my friends to catch the TGIF tradition. Hahaha. I went home early… early in the morning! The good thing about it is that I have not heard anything from my wife and I even had a good breakfast! Hahaha.

So as I woke up, I opened the PC for TWITTER and to check my BLOG as well. Afterwards, my son started his usual MECH WARRIOR and CABAL ONLINE gaming while my wife and I were busy cleaning the house and finishing the laundry. After lunch, we decided to head towards WACK-WACK to register with COMELEC for the upcoming 2010 Presidential Election. I had to request for a correction and transfer since I was registered on the wrong community. Hehehe. 

While waiting, I had a call from my best buddy from Australia. We talked about our families and about future plans. Suddenly, it was like reminiscing the good old PASAY DAYS where he was then working in a bank while I was in a pharmaceutical company. We used to live together then and we shared so many stories. Besides, we were childhood friends and classmates and he was a brother to me! Thus I remember the time we went out with KIMUJI and some moments with JUNIMAN! Hahaha.

After the registration, we decided to go to Robinsons Galleria Mall for our weekly grocery and headed home for a planned DVD MOVIE MARATHON. My wife decided to iron the clothes so I arranged the equipments and started watching. We already had our dinner at the mall so we need not to bother cooking anymore. We watched WAYS OF WAR, ECHELON CONSPIRACY and FAR CRY! Upon checking the time, it was already 4AM of Sunday! We need to catch the mass before lunch so I decided to sleep. My son and wife fell asleep while watching the movie so I have no choice but to sleep as well.

That ended our Saturday well. We woke up together. We did all chores at home together. We went out together. We watched movies together. We slept together! I am beginning to value more what I have been ignoring before. I am so happy now to have changed a lot in terms of priority and time-management. I am happy that I get to spend more time with my family now more than ever. I may have had some regrets before but that is already my past and I have buried it a long time ago. I am happy now with my personal life although I still have some dreams for my family that I wish to put into realization, I am very much satisfied for the harmony and joy I have with my wife and son! Thank you Lord!