Well, it’s been quite awhile and I know that I have missed so much topics to write about because I was away from blogging for days or perhaps a week. Hmp! Actually, I was online all the time but I was a little busy with TWITTER! Hehehe. Yes, I am getting addicted to TWITTING and I love it! Hahaha.

Anyway, I miss reading comments and approving them. I miss reading some blog entries as well. More so, I miss writing. TWITTING is quite easier than BLOGGING plus the fact that it is LESS THE TROUBLES and ISSUES once you get to write something that may indirectly affect or offend readers or other people.

At any rate, I am not throwing down my pen. I am a WRITER by HEART and BLOGGING for me is next to talking, walking, eating and breathing. Hehehe. But right now, I have something next to it which is TWITTER. Hehehe. I have been reading so many thoughts from people coming from all walks of life. I am learning alot!

I do not intend to compare BLOGGING and TWITTING since both are almost the same except for the latter’s being limited to a certain character length plus the fact that it is easier to read. Hehehe. So I have to start thinking of what topic to write so I can catch up. So what’s up?