I have long been ROCK & ROLL fanatic. Almost 2 decades ago, I was fond of listening to my father’s cassette tapes he collected when he was working in Saudi Arabia. I can still remember the various titles from EAGLES, PINK FLOYD, ABBA, BLACK SABBATH, QUEEN, KISS, THE VILLAGE PEOPLE, AEROSMITH and BEE GEES. I knew most of the songs then and I would even play the tapes as I mop the floor or wash the plates with loud volume.

Anyway, those were my influences and inspirations that led me to loving the music and learning to play it. In the 90’s era, we enjoyed the rebirth of both local Rock and Roll. Thus, we had ALAMID, RAZORBACK, WOLFGANG, AFTERIMAGE, THE DAWN and INTROVOYS. It was THE DAWN that almost led the revolution but it was AFTERIMAGE and INTROVOYS that mixed POP and ROCK and used LOVE as the genre’s THEME. I can still remember how CLUB DREDD, MAYRICS and 70’s BISTRO made most of the hits famous.

Timely as it was, I was in adolescence stage way back then. The music we had were tools in our pursuit to have our own girlfriends before we ever to graduate in high school. We bought guitars and we played during break time. ROCK & ROLL was COOL then and it was actually an effective way to make a lady fall in-love. That was until ERASERHEADS and PAROKYA NI EDGAR entered the scene and made everything a little less sentimental and groovier so to speak.

Anyway, it’s been more than 2 decades now. Almost all the bands I have mentioned either regrouped or repackaged. Some revived their groups as a comeback and released albums. Most of them are still playing in the MAINSTREAM and I have always seen updates about them except for INTROVOYS – the band behind the hits lie LINE TO HEAVEN, WILL I SURVIVE, HOWEVER WHICH WAY, CALLING ALL NATION and KAILANMAN. Well, I have thought of googling about them but it was only this morning that I was finally able to do it.

Alas! The band is still playing to my surprise and they have a new website too. As I was trying to navigate from the site, a song played – STAY. Suddenly, I found myself singing with full memory of the song’s lyrics. I held the headset firmly and closed my eyes. It was like going back to the past and revisiting my childhood with all the Goosebumps. Imagine that! Imagine the TIME-MACHINE EFFECT that I am sure most of you must have experienced at one point in time. It was an awesome experience!

Well, I thought of sharing some screenshots and the link ( for some old fans to check. I do hope that this would help you go back to memory lane. Anyway, I now have another hobby to engage with – PINOY ROCK BAND- HUNTING. Hehehe. Cheers!


Introvoys 2

Introvoys 3