I was reading the newspaper this morning and I was alarmed by the threat of North Korea of an offensive move to US and all its allies due to the recent sanctions delivered by the United Nations due to its defiance to the effort to stop the development and proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

In another article, a Japanese paper has even mentioned that in the first week of July, North Korea might launch Taepodong-2 missiles targeting Hawaii. It is quite alarming indeed. What if North Korea shifts its threat to the Philippines instead since we are a close ally to the US and that we are an easy target due to lack of missile defense system?

What if instead of firing to Hawaii due to the distance, North Korea fires to Manila as a warning to the United Nation that it has an offensive capability to fight off? That would basically mean the end for our race if they were to test and use their nuclear arms. Tsk.

Well, I am sure that I am not the only one who is having the same fear. I know I am being paranoid but at any rate, it can be a feasible thing to fear. North Korea’s missile were not yet tested if they were to reach the mainland of Hawaii so the risk of wasting expensive armaments is quite high for their will to show off to the world.

To this end, they might just resort to either launching missiles to nearby countries ally to US such as Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China or perhaps Indonesia or Guam. On our part, what do we have to protect ourselves and our country? None! We do not even have missile system… much a missile detection and defense equipment!

It is sad. I am wondering why U.S.A. and the United Nations attached Iraq for alleged possession of the so-called WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION even when they have found none after the invasion. Now that North Korea has been bragging in public and openly about their capability to develop and launch nuclear missiles, the entire world suddenly silences.

Why not wage a war or invasion now same as what has been done with Iraq just so we can ensure that we do not give them enough time to enhance their weaponry and plan for a perfect attack for a PEARL HARBOR PART II? Why give them economic sanctions instead where they can have more time to plan and strategize?

Just thinking!