This blog entry is all about the snakes, the monkeys and the oversold professionals in the corporate world that I a lot of us would surely love to hate. Thus, allow me to write further.


The snake has always been a symbol of betrayal for some reasons that I need not to expound. Someone who is tagged as a snake is known to be a traitor – someone who will break vows and burn bridges for self-advancement. Greed is what fuels his actions. A snake will let you fall for trust and while at your back, he strikes behind you. He will make sure that he gets what he wants and he leaves nothing for you.

We have so many of these types of corporate individuals nowadays that comes from different colors, races and even scents and odors. I am not a racist but at some point, I was led to believe on the Malaysian’s saying that it is better to trek a path full of venomous snakes than take a road full of Slumdog Millionaires. I got that from a friend who once worked with Malaysians and that is his most remembered quotable quote that we both got to validate. True indeed!

I know someone who was a trusted guy but later turned his back on his master and put up his own show and his own store to compete and put down the guy who gave him a break. This snake is also an opportunist – a person good for timings and for opportunities. He may have his reason but still lacks the excuse for his betrayal. He is driven not by the mere fact of bringing social justice, equity or genuine change but selfish motives and greed for money and fame. He is a wannabe!

Snakes would sometimes tend to be a parasite as well much like a lady I know who would do all sweet talks and lure you onto doing her a favor only to find out that you are just being used, abused and betrayed. She will talk you in as if she cares and love you most but dumps you out once she gets what she wants. She reaps all the fruits of others’ labor even on the fact that she exactly knows nothing. She is an imposter bragging a power and skills that she never had – a witch that cannot even cast a simple black magic spell. What a truly amazing snake bitch!


You pay peanuts for a task and you surely would get monkeys to do the job! What a quotable quote that is definitely true!  I know a person who kicked good people out because of their cost and bragged about replacing an entire army of excellent professionals for cheaper and freshly-laid-off engineers from his country. Instead of him having to pay a penny for the job, he just needs to give them peanuts and his monkeys will do the job! Well, he is so much proud and happy about this! Hehehe.

Some people are paid low amidst their qualifications and expertise. That is true. These people are not monkeys since they have the competencies. What I am referring to are people who are just recruited out of the blue based from their oversold and well-decorated profiles and CVs plus their affordability yet with competency rating that is way below the expectation. These are people who are not real professionals and who do not possess the X number of work experience if we were to subject them on a “lie-detector” test. When sent to the battle, they stumble; cram and the scenario would later show off who they really are – failed monkeys!


I hate to say this but there are people who are so good in writing resume that they could earn an MBA and PHD degree overnight. How? They just insert the titles in their CVs. Hehehe. No sweat! I can still remember a guy who was a newbie to a technology so we gave him trainings and exposures but only to find out that his resume shows that he stated almost 7 years of work experience with some full life cycle implementation of the technology when in reality, he could not even create a simple query or do a simple programming. To his defense, a manager of the same race and nationality reasoned out that it is normal for people to oversell their profile that everyone is doing it including her. To my surprise, all I can do is to keep quiet since there is no use protesting anyway.

Imagine having to take all the steps in the corporate ladder and burn 5 years to break away from being a junior onto becoming a senior and here goes a newbie falsely adding 5 years from his ZERO experience rating just to overtake your effort. What is the use of having to work for 5 years so I can get to qualify a job that requires 5 years of relevant experience when I can just say that I have worked for 5 years or 10 years when I just graduated yesterday and I just worked today? These people kill the competition by cheating their way in and putting those who are genuinely qualified out of the line because of their talent in overselling themselves.

Some say that Slumdog Millionaires are great pretenders. Even when they are not capable of such a skill or talent, the very instance that they see such capability and that they see how rewarding it is, they can easily claim that they can do it as well. If someone sees that a programmer earns so much, even when he is not into programming, he will apply for a programming job and take the risk of posing as a programmer with the use of Google. One hired, he will use all the time, trainings and even other people so he can learn the trade and profession. Nice strategy!

How about a salesman who oversold his business and made it big-time? He would tell his clients that he owns an empire and that he has a battalion of experts and specialists when he only has like five men and a small shop. He would brag about building towers, monumental landmarks and homes when he can even barely repair his small shop. In the end, his five men ends up working day and night to finish jobs intended for a hundred men done by just five of them. Their boss is a great salesman a Master of Puppets! Hehehe.


The corporate world is a jungle. We have snakes, monkeys and oversold professionals. To survive, you need to caution yourself to these kinds of individuals. Just my two cents!