Note: Image googled using the keyword “RIKI KWEK” and copied from a blog – ARMOR SAINT’S ARMORY with URL Some parts were blurred and censored due to the adult nature of the material. Please do not populate. The identity of the people in the image were yet to be validated and confirmed. The same for the googled images below.

As I was surfing the internet last night, I saw this article related to Philippine Sex Scandals and I clicked this link about celebrities and their alleged sex video scandals. I have seen quite alot and somehow I thought that some of those in the list benefited anyway from such media as either they are either sexy stars who got more shows after or actresses who ventured to sexy movies and needed to have such publicity as what a sex video scandal can bring.

While checking the links one by one, I saw RIKI KWEK’s. If you were to ask, she is a famous news reported/anchor who was said to be having a genuine sex video circulated in the internet. Some say that his partner in the video is one of the son of the famous basketball legend and former senator, ROBERT JAWORSKI. I have not yet validated that but that itself is a controversy far worth the publicity same as HAYDEN KHO’s KATRINA HALILI and MARICAR REYES’ sex video exploits.

I wonder if SENATOR BONG REVILLA was able to check this video if he was as fierce as how he was in the case of Katrina Halili where he pinned down the suspect, HAYDEN KHO for such act calling for the revocation of the latter’s professional license as a medical practitioner. As for the case of RIKI KWEK, I know that she was later on offered for early retirement and news about it has been almost wiped out in the world wide web but I have not heard anyone questioned or put behind bars due to a similar act commited.

To this end, I am wondering what makes the case of RIKI KWEK and HAYDEN KHO – KATRINA HALILI different from each other that the latter got all the public attention where almost all lawmakers of the land made their own scenes and stages. I have seen how SENATOR BONG REVILLA reacted and I wonder if he was the same for RIKI KWEK and all the other ladies who were subjects of SEX VIDEOS past and present. I have not even heard of the senator defending the other victimes like MARICAR REYES. Besides, her friend and sexy comedy actress RUFFA MAE QUINTO has also an alleged sex video scandal herself yet we have not seen any or the same reactions for the actress.

Ruffa Mae Quinto Scandal

Katrina Halili is a sexy actress. If her privacy was compromised, I am sure that she won’t mind that much since she can expose her body bare for art’s sake so why fuzz on almost a similar flick? I respect privacy and I have high regards to respecting women but this perspective has to be equal to all. If indeed she wanted to protect her dignity and body plus her name from all these, why be a sexy star in the first place?

We have seen so many SEX VIDEOS of CELEBRITIES and SHOWBIZ PERSONALITIES and most of them benefits from such publicity. Although they have the right to be protected as well from such exploitations, I think that if they were to complaint to the public that they are offended on such privacy invasion, they should be ready to stop showbiz anytime or perphaps switch career type from sexy to modest and wholesome to justify their case.

More so, we have hundreds of SEX VIDEO SCANDALS out there where ordinary women were videoed either with full consent or none and were subjected to same humiliation and disrespect. Thus, the same attention and assistance should also be extended to them. We have RIKI KWEK for example and the ladies from LA SALLE SCANDAL, UNION BANK SCANDAL, DUMAGUETE SCANDAL, TELUS SCANDAL and other SEX VIDEO SCANDALS that we should help and that SENATOR BONG REVILLA should comfort and support.

I do not intend to to take sides and participate as well in the proliferation of such materials but I am here to give my opinion. We have been accusing people of invading other people’s privacy when our means of putting justice to all these seem to be an invasion and destruction of one’s life as well. Trial by publicity as they say. While some people are destroyed forever out of this intrigue, the others gain fame and more shows. Imagine a sexy star getting into a sex scandal? I am sure that the public would want to see her more in daring movies and I am sure that all these would give her a blockbuster hits.

Anyway, we have had enough of all these. We have 40 sex videos and we have seen the trilogy with MARICAR REYES and some with KATRINA HALILI and the BRAZILIAN actress. This has brought controversies. I wonder if people who are crusading for this would do the same for other victims of similar violation. I wonder if they would file the same charges for those who leaked the videos of RIKI KWEK, CRISELDA VOLKS, RUFFA MAE QUINTO and the other students that starred in various UNIVERSITY SEX SCANDALS. Just my two cents.

Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal -Part 1

Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal -Part 2