mr_know-it-allI was actually about to write something about a story of a voyeur gay and his adventures with the old Mrs. Tea Pot but I had a change of heart so I decided to write something else instead.

Everyone knows how a Jack-of-all-Trade would hate to see Mr. Know-it-All but I am sure that many of you know the reputation of Totoy Bibbo as well, right? I hope so. Hehehe.

Well, for those who do not have an idea who Totoy Bibbo is, here is a primer. He is a person who knows everything. He will surely inject his unsolicited ideas whether you like it or not. He is an attention-seeker.

He puts his heart on whatever he does. In short, he takes whatever he does as a career and emotes accordingly on whatever role is given to him. Thanks his friends and colleagues for doing most of his job! Hehehe.

BibboOnce he was tasked to be a dog. Thus, he barked and barked and followed his master from dusk until dawn. He is a loyal and talented individual in the eyes of his master but in reality, he knows nothing.

He masks his deficiencies and weaknesses through mere projections of confidence but when pressed to show proof, he shies away with his alibis and escape goats. He suddenly becomes the busiest bee in the hive.

Anyway, that is Totoy Bibbo. Up close and personal, you will discover more of his traits and blunders as well. He speaks and writes so much with less regard to the law of grammar and punctuations. It’s dyslexia… I guess!

Well, I speak in general. If there is a Juan Dela Cruz who symbolizes the Filipino individual, we have Juan Tamad, Boy Bastos and Totoy Bibbo as a symbolism. Juan Tamad and Boy Bastos would merit their separate blog entries anyway.

I will expound this when I get to feel it. But right now, I may say that Totoy Bibbo is worse than Mr. Know-it-All because his stupidity and his pretention are coupled by his greed for attention. That is Totoy Bibbo!