Recently, I got a letter from a friend who has been expressing some work-related frustrations and anger that I asked him to rather write his thoughts than do all the talking. He did. Thus, I am sharing the letter he made as somehow you may be able to pick something good or useful for your daily reflections in life. Here goes the letter:


Months ago, I had this exchange of emails with someone new at work who seem to have forgotten the rule that as a new member of the house, you need to show courtesy by not getting into rifts or debates with other members especially those that are senior to you. More so, you need to mind you own business and not share with people’s discussion at least while you are new to the company.

At one point, he sent me an email as if he was trying to defend his name as he was trying to emphasize something that he thought I did not know. I was a little shocked. Nonetheless, I just remained calm. This guy could barely complete a grammatically correct sentence and here he is waging a word war with a wordsmith. Hehehe.

I do not know if this guy is barely taking seniority by age as a basis since he seem to be older than me that he may be expecting that I should be afraid of him or that he is trying to prove that he is tougher. Well, he is wrong! I have not yet seen his worth and value that often he would just waste the entire 8 hours surfing and taking a break.

He has not participated in any company activity and I have not even heard him taking a stand or raising points in any of the discussion prior. He just lurks in a corner doing perhaps nothing and yet he has the guts to talk like this. He says he is good but he has not even proved a thing to all of us!

Anyway, I will remain cool. In such event that I lose my temper, he shall have a taste of what he is looking for. How I wish that time to come. Thank you.


Well, after reading such a letter, I paused. Indeed, I concluded that the writer is really mad. Sigh.