I thought of writing this blog entry under the MOVIES TO WATCH but since I am not actually referring to the movie or its review, I just thought of just making it as a regular opinionated statement. I want to express my thoughts because I feel that I have had enough and I am just human not to let go of all the anger I have inside. This is not a typical article that I wish to share. This is a personal statement that mirrors what I feel right now.

Liar Liar! Well, we all have to resort to white lies at times and at some point we may use half-truth statements to escape some scenarios both critical and simple where we are suddenly caught unaware of. Nonetheless, there is no good excuse for keeping the truth away or from resorting to anything that is contrary to it. More so, a lie aiming to deceive is something else that we all should not tolerate. There is no reason good enough to justify statements made to fool people.

I know this individual who has been so good at this game. He uses every lie and form of deception just to lure people to doing something for his own gain.  After getting everything that he needs from you, he runs away with whatever promise or reward committed and hide in his own shadows of intentional amnesia. He is a double-crosser and a master in the field of fraud, deception and lies! He is not just a single entity but a system of wrong values that I hated most.

Like him, there are some who are so good at creating false indentities and false realities where they live and push others to live in the midst of lies to secure themselves for their own advancement. They can twist stories and conceal the truth without blinking an eye. They are so good at it just like my subject and I just cannot stand it anymore! Anyway, I still believe in karma and I know that noone can escape from it. Thus, time and destiny will take care of him. 

The Great Liar! Bow!

Note: I got this comment I published below from BOB with details listed but I decided to hide the nick’s location pending further checking.
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