Well, if you think that you are beginning to hate me for my writing, then why read my blog in the first place? I am not talking to the general public and to my patrons but I am talking to you. Yes! I am talking to you and you know who you are! I know that you are reading this blog bit by bit so you can get enough information to find something to throw at me. Right? Well, enjoy reading this then!

Anyway, this is a personal thing and democracy in this country has paid for this freedom of speech that I am enjoying now along with the others. Our forefathers have fought so hard just so we can freely talk, write and express ourselves hundred years after. Thus, why waste your time checking and reading from my first post until the last for nothing? Not unless you like what I write, then I should actually thank you for visiting this blog site.

I am not mad at you but it is just that I do not trust you. Experience has taught me a lesson not to trust people like you. You betray every individual you get to deal with and you have no word of honor. You put false hopes through your sweet talks and you are a professional liar mastering the art of breaking promises and commitments. Thus, I take the Malaysian’s quotable quote that I rather take a road full of venomous vipers than take the same path where you are. You bite worse. Thus, you cannot be trusted.

Again, this blog entry is for you and not for anyone else. I need not to identify or name-drop you because you perfectly know that I am referring to you. But do not be so sure that you can accuse me of such since you need to show yourself that indeed this message is for you. Nonetheless, why bark on the wrong tree? Hehehe. If this hits you most, then perhaps this message is really for you! Hehehe. Well I am talking here about you – a system of unbearable and unpopular behaviour and attitude!

I am tired of you and your practices. You and your ways stink! I guess that age does not necessarily equate to maturity. You act like a kid or rather worse. I am so much disappointed for putting so much time and effort just to give in to what you like amidst the fact I get nothing in return. It is always “take and take” and you do not even give. You have played with the system and messed people’s lives, careers and dreams.

Now face the mirror and look at your face! Who do you think you are? Do you think that you can control people just because you belong to the top of the food chain? Do you think that all people are dumb just like you who can remain quiet when violated? I may be small for you but I am not alone. Someday, you will learn your lesson either from us or by your own mistakes and you will regret being who you are now!

The article above was taken from a letter of a talking broomstick to a greedy trashcan!!!