Nikon D40

I just sold my very first Nikon D40 Kit to my friend Axel yesterday for P15,000 which I just had for like a month or two and I did it in the middle of the traffic and heavy rain. Little did I know that a new kit of the same model would now cost around P23,000 to P27,000. Hmp.

Anyway, I got it as well from a friend named Ross for the same price and he had it for less than 6 months until he decided to upgrade to a Nikon D80 kit that he got from Dan, a friend of ours who sold his to upgrade to a Nikon D90 kit. Sounds confusing?

After some weeks of going out and taking some shots and mastering the camera’s functions and settings, I have decided to upgrade as well and put more time into the hobby same as how I have engaged myself into blogging as a diversion from the monotonous routine of life.

Photography like any other hobbies is rewarding. It is definitely expensive as well. During my high school days, I was into photojournalism. I took various editorial posts but what I love best was having to hold a side position as a photojournalist. I was using an old Nikon camera then with a long lens and with a bag full of films.

I was not even into the camera. I was addicted then to taking photos regardless of the camera model. Even until now, I do not even remember the model of that Nikon camera that Mrs. Ignacio handed over to me. She is our school paper adviser who introduced photojournalism to me at a very young age.

I can still remember how I went to our school camera expert, Mr. Mann on the eve of a contest to get some tips because internet is not yet accessible then and I had no manual to read. Nonetheless, I was able to take crisp and clear shots while blurring backgrounds. Fantastic!

nikon_d90I won several tilts in the past from various school press conferences from DSSPC, RSSPC and NSSPC writing feature articles, news articles, sports write-ups and even editorial cartoons but what I valued most was having to won over a photo I took using a manual Nikon Camera when some are using digital cameras then.

More than a decade after, I got reacquainted with the same hobby that I had. I have been into painting, videography, writing, programming, graphic design, stamps collection, book collection, pigeon-raising, biking, trekking and also into clubbing and partying but what I like best now is to get hooked to photography for good.

Like some who upgraded from a basic camera to the latest and most expensive and sophisticated, life is like photography. We get to upgrade either a hobby, a lifestyle, our values and views of life or perhaps our own self from a simple and basic individual to a sophisticated being either for the better or at times, for worse.

Upgrading life needs an investment same as buying a more expensive camera so you can take more professional photos. We equip ourselves with trainings and education so we can be more useful and more adaptive of life’s circumstances. In photography, we upgrade our equipments to best capture life’s precious moments.

I wrote this blog entry not to simply brag that I am getting a new Nikon D90 soon and that I have sold my Nikon D40 in support to this endeavor. I want to show that in life, we get to leave and replace old stuffs so we can get new and better things. Although we can leave some old goodies yet important, more than often, we would rather have new things and getting the best requires sacrifices and hard work.

On my statement above, I have to state a disclaimer since my son reacted when he read the paragraph above as I was writing. I wrote the idea above not to refer to people because we cannot replace people especially our family. The statement above is valid to most but not to all when you are to refer to people as the subject.

Friends may come and but still the friendship or the memories will always remain even when relationship sours or is broken. On the other hand, you cannot just replace your parents, siblings or your wife and kids because you wanted to have better. This is my disclaimer.

If you love doing something and if you intend to reach for a goal so to speak, you need to go for it. If you love photography, go and be a master one step at a time. Thus, on the same act, you will get to learn as well on how to advance your life by leaving some old baggage and habits by investing on self-development and enhancement coupled with efforts to work hard so you get to reach your goals – petty or big time!