What if aside from God, “someone” is watching on all your moves and listening to every word that you speak? What if he reads as well your very own blog and all the blog entries you ever wrote? He googles your name and searches your profiles with all the social networks present – Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and Multiply. In short, you are being preyed under his prying eyes for some unknown reason.

It is a little frightening, right? If you are a celebrity, you will definitely use the words like stalker or paparazzo (paparazzi) to describe such individuals fond of prying on someone’s private life. If you like James Bond or simply “007”, then for sure you will be reminded of the Art of Spying or “espionage” used by governments, syndicates and even corporations to obtain information for their advantage.

Anyway, I wrote this blog entry because I want someone who has such an ill intention to read this message as clear and bold as possible. You will never get away with your wrongdoings! I am sure that the Law of Karma will always hit you back where it will hurt you most and when that day comes, all of us will just sit around to watch you cast all your regrets for being rude and cruel. At any rate, I mean no harm but a lesson that you need to learn so you can grow and be good!

By the way… I am your KARMA.