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Just recently, I got an email with some photos attached. To my surprise, they are photos of the late Master Rapper, Francis Magalona with a lady that some blog tagged a name, Abegail Rait. I am not quite sure of the facts because the email has no descriptions.

I got curious so I googled some names and there I saw this blog where it was alleged that the photos were acquired from the stolen laptop of the late Francis Magalona. I do not know if these are indeed photoshopped or real. A photo of a kid plus an invitation card is also seen indicating that perhaps the two have had a love child.

It is quite weird but I believe that FRANCIS MAGALONA is also human just like us. He has his own shortcomings as well and some faults that I am sure he was able to correct in his lifetime. He has been a good father and a husband and regardless of his past whether dark or good, that will never be an issue.

The legacy that he has left us, his family, friends and the country is far great than all the intrigues. Like other celebrities and husbands, he is not excused to temptations if the photos were to be tagged as real indeed. We all make mistakes. Besides, he is a child of showbiz and all these are but normal if I were to say so.

We have Ramon Revilla, Sr. who had more than 80 children with different mothers. We have Dolphy and the others who married several times. Nonetheless, this does not make them more or less of a great man because their legacy to the nation is far greater.

At any rate, I am posting the said photos so perhaps we can shed light into this whether the topic is real or just fabricated. I have some photos above which I have posted as well. I got them from More so, this is to open the minds as well of the readers that we all make mistakes. What matters most is that we correct whatever is wrong in our lifetime and bring about good changes for the future.

Warning: Below are some “unauthenticated” photos from a spam “chain” email. I have updated this blog entry and also posted above some photos from a Multiply site that a reader named “Candy” shared. Please do not conclude anything from the photos as these are circulating in the internet from an unknown source of which motive we do not know. Since nothing is obscene in the said materials, they are shared just for your eyes only. Thank you.