1962 1962 Tambayanan

Location: 8 Sct. Madriñan cor. Sct. Tobias, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

1962 TAMBAYANAN or simply “62”. A bar owned by brods from the ALPHA SIGMA FRATERNITY, an organization in UP DILIMAN established with the concept of brotherhood and service to the community. On the otherhand, the bar was put up not just for business alone but to put up a common venue or tambayan for  both members and non-members.

1962 is the year that our fraternity was founded. TAMBAYANAN comes from “TAMBAYAN” which is the term we use for our hang-out place during our frat days and “SAMBAYANAN” or “BAYAN” which refers to the society or nation – the word that is the core of the ALPHA SIGMA’s creed.

I have yet to write something that is more detailed about the place but I am sure that with few more visits, I will be able to write more. What made me enjoy visit to the place more was not just the food and drinks but the joy that I had after being with brods who I have not met for a decade!

As a new business and a new place, it  may need to devise ways and means to make a name in the clubbing and bar industry but still I know that it has more to offer. Anyway, thanks to my UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity Batchmates – Karl & Spice for inviting me to the place they call “62” where I was able to revisit the good old days with the brotherhood!