haydenkho-katrina-halili-beloI do not intend to construct this blog entry as an adult material supported with known local sex video scandals but I hope that somehow I can be able to bring a realization to the readers about the topic. It’s been almost a decade since sex video scandals of local couples or even celebrities are made available to the public either via internet or through mobile phones and DVDs. Not much attention from the authorities was seen to eradicate such proliferation of supposed to be “private moments” made public intentionally or unintentionally.

I can still recall about the LaSalle St. Benilde Sex Video Scandal where it was even told that the lady committed suicide and the man who distributed the video was shot in the head by the brother of the lady. I am sure that most of you would as well remember the famous Dumaguete Scandal and some similar videos about the Boarding House Scandal where a room for rent was allegedly taking secret videos of occupants doing their intimate acts. From then on we had Cebu Scandal, Bacolod Scandal, Davao Scandal, Iloilo Scandal, Pangasinan Scandal, Baguio Scandal to name a few. Thus, every province had its own DVD on the black market showcasing its local’s sex video scandals.

Aside from provinces, we had some scandals named after offices and buildings like the Union Bank Scandal, the RCBC Scandal, the MOA Scandal, the SM Megamall Scandal and some others. What were top selling then were sex videos of students that brought us the names such as the St. Paul Scandal, UP Diliman Scandal, LaSalle Scandal, Poveda Scandal, Assumption Scandal, UST Scandal, FEU Scandal, UE Scandal, La Consolacion Scandal, Ateneo de Manila Scandal, Ateneo de Davao Scandal, San Beda College Scandal, AMA Scandal, STI Scandal, etc.

Hayden KhoWe have seen quite a lot of these sex video scandals and to my surprise, no one even among the senators then or congressmen and not even the NBI investigated those on the videos for violations. We have some taken from celebrities as well like the Sunshine Cruz Scandal, the Maureen Larrazabal Scandal, the Heart Evangelista Scandal, etc. We even have a legal version of what seems to be a compilation of sex video scandals done by the Viva Hot Babes exhibiting voyeurism and even some done by Mocha with a lesbian flavor.  We never had any headlines anyway.

Now it seems that this HAYDEN KHO seem to have caught the attention of the public with his sex video scandals with former girlfriends, KATRINA HALILI, MARICAR REYES and the others. I am sure that he may have had one with his former lover VICKI BELO too and some more with other celebrities. It is quite odd but at some point, we cannot help but initially think that perhaps this is all part of a publicity act so as to advance their respective careers like what Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and even Pamela Anderson did then.

I have read so many posts and comments as well. I have seen so many angles. Some say that VICKI BELO was too mad that she had HAYDEN KHO’s laptop checked so as to delete their sex videos and capture all others so she can have them released in the public and get back at the former boyfriend. One reader even commented that perhaps the pervert doctor wanted to be a star that he had the video released. Anyway, most of the ladies are in showbiz and the sex video would make them headliners and famous. Thus, they could instantly enjoy all the attention of the media and the public in general.

Katrina HaliliSome say that perhaps all the ladies knew about this. Besides, for  Katrina Halili, why would she lament of being violated when some of her movies are as daring as the sex videos themselves having less focus on the genital parts as if both are planned. This is just an opinion from some readers. I have read some that points out that perhaps the pervert doctor is really a sick pervert and he couldn’t help but publish his videos for fun. But would a doctor of fame risk his name by directly getting himself involved in such distribution of his proof of perversion?

Thus, at some point I tend to think that perhaps someone who must have obtain copies from his laptop or mobile phone or even mobile disk legally or illegally was the real culprit. The doctor must have had his gadget fixed elsewhere and the technician must have started the distribution of the files. We can also use the comment of one reader where he says that perhaps VICKI BELO had a hand on this so she can get back at his former lover. She could have had copies before and instead of the guy uploading their sex video for blackmail, she took the first move and had some sex videos uploaded.

At any rate, we have so much SEX VIDEO SCANDALS already and I think we could have acted years ago. But how can we push for such vigilance when most of us even enjoy watching such stolen pieces of intimate moments of couples and other people. If people will just put a stop on recording such moments, they need not to bother about having their sex videos leaked. Your sex videos may not reach the public but what if years later; your kids will get to see them by accident? That would be a trouble right? More so, if we put a stop in buying such materials, no vendor will venture into such. To even put a stop onto this act, a strong legislation by people in power can make a big difference when coupled with a genuine intention to preserve people’s dignity and not by mere riding on the headlines so as to attract publicity as well. Election time is nearing anyway!

Maricar ReyesI cannot judge. Somehow, I have seen so many sex video scandals in the last 10 years and I can say that this has been a usual scenario already much like seeing pirated DVDs or Sex Workers along Aurora Blvd and Quezon Avenue and all other not-so-normal things made normal. The important thing we can do now is to safeguard ourselves and our home from all these. We need to somehow value privacy and we should start within ourselves. Only by doing so that we can prevent such invasions from happening. Private moments are private. If you intent to record yours make sure that you secure your copies with your life. Otherwise, do not even attempt to record one especially if you are not married and you have no assurance that your partner would not drag you into such embarrassment and humiliation in the future.

Just my two cents!