I just read some news article about the success that the Sri Lankan government had with its own army ending “Asia’s Longest Running Civil War” by crushing to the very last of member of the rebel Tamil Tigers. The offensive move was started almost 2 years ago and it ended what many term as terrorism for good. It was swift and really fast that it was successful amidst the number of casualies.

To this end, I am wondering if the Phillipines had to resort to such offensive tactic just to put a final end to the conflict in Mindanao with the MILF, the terrorist Abu Sayyaf, the New People’s Army and several militant islamist separatist groups. I fear that such action would affect the lives of our poor brothers and sisters in Mindanao but I also long to see a prosperous Mindanao free from war and violence.

Someday, someone will get to find the solution to this decaces-long crisis and I hope that it will be less bloody than that of Sri Lanka. Peace will always be an expensive commodity.