I was done with this one since weekend. Now I have to work on it again because instead of building just a draft of the technical aspect of the proposal, now I have to create the entire proposal myself including the project methodology and approach to be adopted.

Tricky as it is. Well, as my boss would say, I am paid to do this anyway even if I do not get the assurance that my team in Manila will even get the chance to partake on the said project. Hmp. Well, that is a thing that young professionals should learn – professionalism! Deliver first before you get to complain! As how NIKE would put it – Just do it!

Anyway, I had a very tiring day. I was working from home yesterday with the blessing of my boss when suddenly she was asking HR to issue a memo for my failure to attend a meeting yesterday. Hehehe. Life is full of surprises indeed! So now I have to settle this and that! At any rate, I am learning alot! Be thankful!

I guess, she just wanted me to complete the work and so she is holding me hostage. Hahaha. Just kidding! Work is work and at all cost, delivery has to be achieved! Unfortunately, I also have my pending OT pays unpaid as collaterals frozen under her mercy and approval so I really need to complete the mission. Hmp.

So here I am, trying to once again do a mission impossible in finishing something amidst the lack of time, information and appreciation. Anyway, I am paid to do this anyway so why complain? Hehehe. Just venting out so I can finish my job soon! So how about a bottle of our favorite beer later?