I worked from home today. I was tasked to work on a proposal for the entire weekend until today and I feel exhausted. My boss thanked me but later stabbed me behind my back by some feedbacks delivered to my colleague. Amidst submitting all materials required, I was judged as unreliable because I did not make it on the 6PM surprise meeting. Hmp!

Anyway, I have decided to give myself a break so I sent an SMS to my wife and asked my son to prepare. We went to the parking lot and took my car to fetch my wife a few kilometers away. She just got out at the office at 7:30PM and I wanted her make up with her and I also need to buy some DVDs and PC Installers anyway. Hehehe.

So we headed to St. Francis Square but the parking was full. The mall closes at 8PM so I had to rush parking at the nearby SM Mega Mall. We ran to catch the store open but we did not make it. St. Francis Square was closed at exactly 8PM and we were there 7:59PM. Hahaha.

Thus, we went to SM Mega Mall instead. We got this TRIO FRIES for Rap and we checked some shoes at the ADIDAS STORE. We are planning to bring old shoes for swap so we can get a P1000 discount for a new ADIDAS pair. Hehehe. So there we spent almost an hour doing window-shopping until we decided to head home.

As we were parked in the 2nd floor, I asked my wife and son that we pass the 3rd floor first where the movie theaters are located so we can see upcoming movies. I wanted to see the trailer of Transformers anyway. So we headed there only to decide later on that we let Rap’s wish be granted that he sees STAR TREK movie for the first time.

He loves STAR WARS and he thinks STAR TREK is a sequel. He has not seen any STAR TREK movie or TV series yet so I said okay. For 30 minutes, we were there without having our dinner. We watched some trailers and I bought two bottles of water and two boxes of popcorn enough for the three of us plus a box of brownies – my wife’s favorite.

Soon, the last full show was about to start and our supply of food was almost consumed. Hehehe. I watched my son keenly watching and listening to every detail of the story. He seems to be memorizing it. Hehehe. For me, it was like going back to memory lane. I know STAR TREK much that I knew STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE (coming soon!). Hehehe.

After almost 2 hours of watching, we headed to the parking lot and we headed home. My son was so thankful for the movie treat. He even forgot about requesting for a DRIVE THROUGH at MCDONALD’s which is a usual routine we have every time we go home late. He was still imagining the movie perhaps.

As for me, I got the break I wanted. I forgot about some issues I have with work and for P500 – P1000, I was able to have a quality time with my wife and son. If I were to go to a local bar that would not even be enough to buy some good time drinking a few bottles of my favorite beer with some of my best buddies. Hehehe.

It’s another night out I spent for my family and I am inspired to have more with them. So as my wife and son enters the elevator at the condominium building where we lives, both of them showcased a Vulcan’s hand salute based from the movie as they imitate Spock and James T. Kirk’s… “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!”