If you hate a fellow Filipino, I may say it is just normal. If you hate a foreigner, will that be a racism even if it targets an individual rather than a race? Will an expression about it be somethings that is unfair?

Anyway, hating someone of a different race is often tagged with racism because some of the attributes you seem to hate are either traits individual to that person or part of his culture per se.

At some point, when you see that this individual’s negative trait is usual with others of the same race, you tend to associate your feedback on the general aspect of their group or nationality.

To this end, it is quite unsafe to write all about this feeling because of the fear of being tagged as racist or unfair to people. Malaysians for example has this saying about certain race that they seem to hate that goes like this:

If you meet a crossroad where one path leads to a road full of deadly snakes and the other one full of people of this unspecified race, some would prefer taking the road with deadly vipers than getting bitten by treacherous individuals under that race.

Anyway, I intend to write something about this but I am still checking for a way to make it politely as possible because I do not want to be tagged as a racist. I just want to express anyway but with respect.