As I was about to leave home, I heard a colleague complaining about a fellow employee who was causing a little confusion because of trying to be in all places at the same time. Maybe she is just trying to help or perhaps she is just trying to be useful. Nonetheless, I quoted my colleague’s complaint.

Yesterday she was doing Client Communications.

Today she is into Human Resources and Mobilization.

I wonder if she will do Network Administration tomorrow.

It is sad how some people waste the very essence why a job description and job title was ever created in a corporate setup. Some people simply wants to do everything just to put worth on their tenure and so they can get to keep their job by showing the higher ups that they are doing every chore in the house.

This is fine especially for someone who was rescued from a brink of termination due to redundancy months ago. What makes this a little absurd is the fact that confusion is created because you tend to cover what should not be on your plate in the first place and what is out of your expertise.

People cannot be all like Jack-Of-All-Trade. They cannot be Jills as well. There is no such organization as a one-man-team. This is why the concept of “team” and “delegation” was introduced so as to put balance and to maximize every resource’s capability.

At the end of the day, you have to do what you are only mandated to perform. No more. No less.