What if cancer, swine flu, HIV and all other diseases are actually product of laboratories either for business venture to promote future drugs and medicines or perhaps these diseases are released to the open as a trial-run for future biological weapons testing the public as test-mice since human testing in laboratories is illegal?

Impossible? Possible! Well, I cannot answer that but some materials I have read prior did introduce the idea that maybe this is possible. I have seen several movies that depict the same plot where either a drug-manufaturing company creates a virus so they can sell vaccines and control the market.

I have seen a flick as well where certail virus are released to the public as demo for future biological weapons where the culprits demand for a country to pay them ransom for the vaccine and surrender territory or they wipe out an entire race using their weapon. Sounds familiar, right?

Anyway, I was watching the news on TV this morning and I was made to think that perhaps someone is behind all these viral mess anyway. I do not intend to accuse some industries or superpowers for this article but I am trying to be open to the possibility that perhaps we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

Soon, wars will not be fought using guns and nuclear warheads but by biological weapons. It may be quite unrealistic now because some may think that I am just too much affected by what I watch on the television but I believe that nothing is far impossible to a determined soul. The human mind is so powerful these days.

Anyway, I do not want to create a panic or stress readers. Perhaps, I need to watch more good movies. Hehehe. Cheers to all!