I just took my wife, my sister-in-law and my son at XAVIER SCHOOL in Greenhills, Mandaluyong City for my son’s basketball class at THE MILO BEST CENTER. After checking my son’s skills for like 30 minutes, I decided to hit the road for GILMORE IT CENTER to order some computer units at PC EXPRESS for our INTERNET SHOP in Pampanga. 

The problem… I was not able to surf the net to check and read reviews about the graphic cards. I know that games would heavily depend on the type of graphic cards that you choose. Well, I have decided to use NVIDIA 9500 GT 1GB cards but I have to choose among 3 brands – INNO3D, PALIT and SPARKLE.

Hmp. As I refueled as I was already running empty, I was surfing the net while I was driving. It’s a dangerous thing so I hope that none of you would do the same. I had to do it since I cannot just buy something that later I would feel all the regrets for not having to check on the item. Thus, alot of drivers were killing me with their horns as I drove so slow.

Here I am right now in front of the store but dining at SHAKEY’S PIZZA! Hehehe. I am not hungry but I need a place to surf. I parked at the basement and I cannot just surf there. My radiator still has this leak and I cannot let it run idle or I will go home walking. Hehehe. So I had to spend extra just to have a place to read reviews! Sigh.

So I thought of posting since in between reading, I cannot help but blog as well. Hehehe. I am to supply this with a photo but I cannot do more as of now. On my lap is my laptop bag and hanging on my shoulder is my Nikon Camera bag. I cannot even eat properly because I am seated on a single table where my laptop occupies almost the entire space on it. Thus I had to put the plate where my meal is served at the back of the laptop. What a mess!

So I guess, that’s what you get when you do not do your assignment! It took me like 3 decades to reach this age and still I have not learned the value of doing one’s homework on time. Hehehe. I guess, the best thing I have learned from school is that NOTHING BEATS A CRAMMER! Hahaha. Adrenaline rush as they say!

So any of you have any feedbacks about PALIT, INNO3D and SPARKLE? Any tips as well? Anyway, I have to eat. My son will be ending his class by 4PM. I have to shop for an hour. See you later!