It is almost 2 minutes before midnight! I am taking my 2nd dinner while I blog. I feel a little sleepy now yet so many ideas keep on circling my mind. The issue is how to write them all at once. Hehehe. It seems that after having to write for so many days or even years since in school, words seem to be running scarce.

Well, I thought of just converting my style as if I am into tweeter but then again, I do not think I can restrict my thoughts to a two-liner post one at a time. I think a lot. I talk a lot. Thus, I write a lot. That is me and that is my trademark. I write whatever idea is pushed by my expressive mind.

Writing is fun yet tiring at one point. I just hope that someday, the “mind-control-interface” which is seemingly becoming popular now though the technology is actually in its early stage, will soon be integrated into blogging. Thus we can write by just thinking while I play RED ALERT 3. Hehehe.

So far, I have seen how Microsoft and other solutions company has come up with various Speech Recognition Technologies integrated in a Word-Processing Software. This has offered a venue for convenience to busy and multi-tasking writers and bloggers alike. What more if it were a “mind-to-paper” mode of blogging?

Anyway, I am so sleepy now. I do hope that I get to retain whatever ideas I have for now so I can continue blogging tomorrow. Blogging is a little addictive yet it is a good diversion. Somehow, I was able to divert all my office stress to blogging which somehow gave good results. Yawn!

Time to sleep! Cheers!