I thought I have decided not to write further about the recent case involving Ted Failon and his family but it seems that some readers are still interested in reading and posting comments on some related articles in this blog. Thus, I cannot help but post this comment I got from a certain reader named ANYA who has posted a comment on my blog entry entitled: 


Actually, I got some similar comments stating the same probability but then again, this one was actually written so well that I was able to reconstruct the scenario as I was reading it. I hate to entertain the idea that could drag an innocent kid on this case but then again, the truth has to its own ways.

Since I started blogging, it is only just recently that I got so many responses from readers and I do appreciate it alot. It also gave me an idea that indeed alot of readers think better than me or somehow they are more creative and imaginative than I am. It also proves that alot of readers do speak their minds so well!

Anyway, I am posting this because somehow I thought it would add a little twist to our CSI STORY just to somehow complete all the WHAT IFs that we all have. At any rate, this post is not intended to draw false judgement and issues as I just thought of sharing it since I myself got a little interested on the thought of the writer who made the said story. Thank you.

Just got this mail.

I have a theory on what happened and sana wala naman magalit or ma-offend na parents dito, this is my theory lang naman based on the facts of the case:

Hindi kaya yung anak nila ang nakabaril accidentally sa mama nya? Its possible na he was playing with the gun and he thought it was not loaded?

The reason I thought of this is because of the ff:

1. I cannot think of any other reason as to why everyone in the household was willing to cover up what happened. Sa totoo lang, miski gaano ako ka-loyal sa boss ko o kahit sa kaibigan ko pa, di ko kaya magsinungaling para pagtakpan na mamatay tao sila.
To the point na naglinis pa ang maid and nagpacarwash pa ang driver– isa lang ang naiisip kong dahilan. Naaawa sila sa bata.

2. Nakapasok pa si Ted sa show and being the professional newscaster that he is, if he received a phone call na nagkulong wife nya sa CR, puwede naman maghintay yun ng 20 minutes para matapos nya ang show, bakit sha nagmadaling umuwi? Hindi kaya anak nya ang tumawag or someone in the house and told him na nabaril ng anak nya yung mom?

3. Even ABS CBN is willing to do a media black out for him? Why would they do this if they did not know what really happened? Probably Ted told them the truth that the child did it. By 11 AM, Ted was in the hospital na and ABSCBN was calling the hospital looking for him, meaning they knew what happened and still they were willing to do a media black-out, I dont think its for Ted but I believe they did it for the kid.

4. Kasama ni Ted ang SISTER ng asawa nya sa car when they rushed the wife to the hospital at 11 AM, the sister seems to be in the house already when Ted arrived kasi the neighbor saw her with Ted and she was crying when they rushed to the hospital. If you were the sister, would you not scream at Ted at the hospital if Ted shot your sister like that? Why would you keep him company?

5. Noli De Castro said in the news “What happened is not what you think happened” meaning he knows everyone will point at TED as the gunman when in fact, it may be the kid.

6. The Letter– as if a child wrote it and was saying sorry to the dad. Kaya may endless PO dun sa letter. They might have added the MAMA at the end to make it look like a suicide note. Kung makikita nyo yung Mama sa dulo ng letter parang nanginig ang kamay nung nagsulat– baka inadd na lang kasi nila yun and wala dapat dun yung word na mama.

7. Negative si Ted Failon sa paraffin test, and all of the help and driver. This means wala sa kanila ang nagpaputok ng gun. He even said ” I do not have to defend myself” regarding allegations na sha ang pumatay. He said “just ask my in laws” ibig sabihin alam nya na alam ng in laws nya na di sha ang pumatay. Kung ikaw ang pumatay, automatic alam mo pagdududahan ka ng in laws mo agad pero sha sigurado sha na ipagtatanggol sha ng in laws nya. Bakit? Kasi malamang alam nilang lahat sino ang aksidenteng nakabaril-

8. They placed the child out of the house when the police came, this is probably to protect him/her.

9. Everything happened sa room nung kid, if Ted shot her or if the mom killed herself, why there??? Puwede naman sa sarili nilang kuwarto, why pa sa room ng bata? I believe the kid accidentally shot the mom while the mom was in the kid’s room. When the kid saw blood on her mom, he probably dragged her sa CR kasi di ba ang bata pag may sugat, automatic sinasabi natin we have to wash the wound so I believe the kid may have thought kailangan i-wash kaya andun yung body nung mom when Ted found her.

This is what I believe really happened. Kung ako parent, I will also do this to protect my child kung ganun ang nangyari. Miski alam kong bawal linisin ang crime site, baka linisin ko na din nga para lang maprotect ko sha dahil mawawala na nga ang asawa ko, pati anak ko mawawala din. Hindi naman t**** si Ted para di nya malaman na bawal maglinis ng crime scene. The fact the full support sa kanya ang buong kasambahay at pamilya ng asawa means he must be innocent talaga and they are all protecting someone else— the child.