April 22, 2009. It’s my nephew’s 8th birthday and today is also my Inkong Dado’s 40th day after death. By the way, I used the word “ingkong” since this pertains to the word “grandfather” in our “capampangan” dialect. I am from Pampanga and I am a “capampangan” by birth and by heart.

My grandfather died last March 14, 2009. I blogged about this almost a month ago. It’s been 40 days now and somehow we have learned to accept the fact that my grandfather has already passed away yet he will always be with us… in our hearts.

It is sad but then perhaps among us, it was only me who never cried that day. I was late. I was not able to see him on his last moment although I was supposed to go home then. He was able to take a bath and even be fed in their terrace that I could have had the time to catch him up alive.

I was lazy-ing down. Instead of waking up early and travelling in the morning, I have decided that we travel to the province after lunch. I was doing the on-call duty for that weekend and I was still sleepy until I got a call from my mother about my Ingkong Dado’s sudden death. From there, it was like a flashback of all the memories I had with him since childhood.

I was sad. I almost cried but I said to myself that I need not to. I know that it is indeed his time and that he is in good hands. I have seen how he aged in bed and how hard it is for him to see himself being like a burden to people because he was way too old that relatives had to nurse and watch for him. I know he did not want to be like that. At any rate, his death ended his sufferings. He is off to a better place now.

After 40 days from his death, I pray that he can finally rest in peace with God. I know that the family and I misses him so much but I know deep in my heart that he has never left us actually. He along with my other grandfather is watching us. I now have 2 guardian angels who are both my grandfathers. Well, thank you Ingkong and Happy Birthday Kyle!!!