It’s almost midnight! I’m home since 9PM. My wife is surfing the internet on our desktop computer while I do blogging on my laptop. My son on the other hand is into his own world using his beloved PSP while his yaya is in a soap-opera – marathon. It’s one of those usual and normal evening.

Halfway through my blogging, I paused. I took a folder in my bag and a calculator. I took as well my old resume and this small list of tasks I wish to do for the week. I suddenly found myself reflecting, reminiscing and re-assessing my path – career-wise and basically about my life path in general.

In my almost 3 decades of existence, I have taken so many “road less taken”. I am not a stereotype individual. I am a non-conformist. I challenge ideas not because I am a bully by nature but because I have always wanted to bring out the best of whatever idea is raised. I push things and people so they can be better.

I could have made it on the top way back if only I remained a “kiss-ass” who is always in a “yes” mood with his bosses. I could have advanced for my own gains being so close to my previous managers due to my good communication and PR skills yet I have chosen to advocate for employees’ welfare which almost always put me in trouble.

I could have gotten all the possible raises and all the positions I wanted if only I remained supportive of all the management’s initiatives may they be advantageous or disadvantageous to the lower-ranks. I could have just thought of myself and my career instead of thinking about others.

I could have been MR. 187 for all I care but I have decided to simply be the REAL ME – a bully to those who violates social justice and equity. I know that I have taken the path that many of you would not even dare to be at. I know that I have chosen to speak when all other people preferred being silent which caused me more troubles.

I cannot help it. I am ME. It is hard sometimes and at some point, I get to somehow realize that this has been stressing me too much yet I have not had any single regret of decisions I made amidst the fact that even my close friends would at one point disagree with me. Thus to end, If you were to be given the choice, will you take the same path? Given the power to choose to be somebody else, will you be ME? 

I know you won’t and I know some of you will… just for curiosity perhaps. So what’s your answer?