I came to work so early yesterday. It was yet another record for a person who has changed from the tardiest in terms of punctuality to the most punctual. Hehehe. I was early not just because it’s a Monday but because I need to avoid the traffic as well as my car is literally running out of the mercy of an EPOXY STEEL I bought in a store in Shangri-La-La Mall. Hmp. My radiator had this crack during the Holy Week due to the heat and negligence as well.

 I failed to put enough water on it that when the car went down just a few meters from home, my father and uncle discovered that the radiator was too hot due to lack of water or having none at all! Unfortunately, they rushed to put water to it that the radiator cracked open upon pouring water. I have given a warning not to but then it was too late. Now, I had to have it repaired and I have almost used all my savings with our internet shop.

To improvise while I wait for payday, I was advised to use DEVCON EPOXY. It did the trick for a day. We were able to travel back to Manila from our Holy Week Trip but we took the old road where we had to pass some places in Bulacan to avoid traffic and to avoid getting into trouble since cars travel faster at the highway than in the national roads. We checked the Barasoain Church and soon we reached our place. Unfortunately, the radiator had a leak.

Every day since last week, I would open up the hood of my car after use to check if a leak has developed from the EPOXY-fixed radiator. I bought with me some supplies of EPOXY STEEL as backup. It’s a little annoying sometimes since I get to go to the office with the smell of plastic and epoxy in my hand. More so, I do not get to drive with the security and confidence that I won’t get stranded in traffic and get towed due to overheat. I pray so hard every time I step into my car. Hehehe.

This weekend, my parents were able to buy last weekend a replacement for the entire radiator out from their worries that I could get stranded while driving due to this but I had some appointments over the weekend that I was not able to drive home to the province to have it installed. Thus, I always bring with me 5 packs of EPOXY STEEL, some rolls sand papers and 2 water containers for emergency use.

Anyway, I went to work the entire day. I skipped time to blog and read because I had to attend to some important correspondences. Amidst that, I brought with me my BIG BAG full of documents and billing statements that I had to apply 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) on my break time. I used two tables to do the job and finally, I was able to organize my documents and billing statements. Hehehe. Now I have less clutter.

I had to keep myself busy because I had nothing to do extra aside from my work. Afterwards, I went to the bank to deposit some cash left on my hand and prepared leaving for work. I was all done for the day as far as work is concerned. I have nothing more to do. I cannot go to the mess hall and host a usual Monday Drinking Spree. After having to deposit everything to the bank, I am powerless. I have no more purchasing power. Hehehe.

At 5PM, I decided to just go home. I offered my colleague a hitch since I need someone to help me push the car in case I get into trouble. Hehehe. Another friend was calling but I have rejected the offer to stay still so he can go along with us since I know that I will just get into another drinking and spending spree once again if ever the both of us join forces.

He’s one of the friends I had where I was pushed to spend almost 400K in just a month of straight daily clubbing. I have blogged about this. What went wrong here is that none of them got back to me after the fun to help me pay our bills except for my friend Erick. Now, even when my credit limit could allow me to swipe a new car, I have learned to control myself because I have already learned my lesson – the hard way.  

I dropped my colleague at his place in Mandaluyong City and I have decided to call my son home so he can dress up wait for me at the lobby. I picked him up and asked him to call my wife so we can surprise him that indeed we are to fetch her after work. It’s one of the things that my wife expects me to do daily that I was not able to do for quite a long time due to work and after-office activities.

It’s a blessing in disguise that I have no extra cash to spend. I do not even get to be tempted to buy books or to stay with my friends for some bottles of beer. More so, it keeps me away from all the temptations. Hehehe. As we met my wife, my son kissed her and so did I. She asked us where we want to dine. Will we take our dinner home or are we eating somewhere else? Since she is the boss now for having more money, we just said… “Your choice!”

We went to a mall nearby to check for some PC GAMES and DVD MOVIES. We dined at CHOWKING and then we proceeded to POWERBOOKS where we stayed there until closing time to READ FOR FREE. Hehehe. We used to do that every weekend at NATIONAL BOOKSTORE, FULLYBOOKED and BESTSELLER since all the three of us are BOOKWORMS. Hehehe. Now, I get to value quality time with my family over work.

The night came slow and it was raining so we decided to head home and upon reaching the place, we decided to stay at the car a little more. We listened to the radio as we were laughing. I told my son about the old times where our television set broke down and all we had was this small cheap radio where we listened every night to this radio show – GABI NG LAGIM and visualizing what we hear using our imaginative minds. We get to stay there for 30 minutes until we finally went inside.

We had our second dinner since what we had at CHOWKING was a little BUDGETED. Hehehe. My son and I went to the room so I can help my son do a 15 minutes practice of the ball-handling skills taught to him at MILO BEST CENTER. My wife entered the room and we had a short prayer and called it a day. I had a good night sleep with two of the most important person and two of the most precious to me sleeping beside me. As they say, you may lose your friends, your career, your wealth and everything but in the end, you will always have a family to come home to as your refuge. In my case, I have mine and what else can I ask for?