I just received an SMS from a friend regarding another SMS he got  last night from his former client about an idiot who made himself more idiot. Hahaha. I may sound redundant but yes, the idiot refered to in the SMS indeed made himself more idiot by denying something that he said and did.

It is funny thought but I cannot help but laugh at idiots who try to evade being called idiots by their words and deeds only to find themselves doing and saying more things that makes them look and be more idiots. Hehehe. Well, I must have talked about idiots in my prior blog entries but this idiot is definitely an idiot! Hahaha.

Just happily expressing! Anyway, let us all have a cheers to all idiots! They may be reading this right now! Hehehe. I know some of them are trying to read all my blog entries from the very first post up the the very recent ones to find a way to make an idiot of of me… but to no avail. Hehehe. Well, thanks for reading anyway! Peace!!!