I have been reading so many blog entries since I opened my laptop this morning and it seems that people or fellow bloggers have various ways of putting it up with regards to reconstructing the story since until now, we are all quite in the dark as to what really transpired.

Anyway, I have listed down some “WHAT IFS” as I am as well wondering what really took place that morning. I do not intend to inject anything nor push a conclusion out of this. I am just writing what I have read and what I have been thinking. I share with the grief of the Etong-Failon family. Please read on.

  • What if Ted Failon’s wife really committed suicide ending positive in a paraffin test? How can the government payback the damages done to Ted Failon and his family?
  • What if Ted Failon indeed intentionally shot his wife with hand gloves so he can be safe of paraffin test? Possible? Well, perhaps it was really a serious financial issue or how about infidelity either the wife with another man or Ted Failon with another woman or perhaps his sister-in-law as they seem to be covering-up both? Well, I don’t know.
  • What if Ted Failon indeed accidentally shot his wife in a gun scuffle in his good intention to prevent his wife from shooting herself?
  • What if Trina Failon ends negative on gunpowder and it was one of Ted Failon’s in-laws who shot her while in a scuffle to prevent with good intention their sister in harming herself but instead the gun accidentally fired? Ted Failon arrived but the in-laws sought his help to contain the scandal and tragedy?
  • What if someone in Ted Failon’s house intentionally shot Trina Etong-Failon and they all tried to make it appear as a suicide to escape punishment and shame considering that Ted Failon is a public figure? Perhaps, Ted Failon could have had an affair with her sister-in-law so the latter could have done the deed or that one of the househelps had some grudges or some fight with the wife who was in trouble.
  • What if Ted Failon indirectly pushed his wife to commit suicide when her wife threatened herself via phone and he simply ignored her since they are both in a fight allegedly? It is like a scenario where the wife says that she rather kills herself than being left alone and unaccepted then Ted Failon suddenly says in a sarcastic tone… “Go on and shoot yourself!”. Possible! 
  • What if Ted Failon shot her wife in the morning before he left for work due to a fight and put her on the bathroom in a sitting position and arriving later after his program to check first with her maid as he reaches home if his wife is still there to show that he is clueless as well and innocent? Well, as he opened the door, he pretended to be at shock to put a good taste to a story then took his wife to the hospital with his in-laws. He came back later to have the house and his car cleaned because of the smell or perhaps because he was confused and worried about his reputation. While doing so, he went out to create a good story as how a news anchor can pull out one. How about it?
  • What if Ted Failon’s wife was in a fight and he was pointing a gun to Ted Failon that he managed to grab the gun in defense but instead the gun fired accidentally or intentionally at the wife?
  • What if we all are wrong and indeed this is just as plain as a case of suicide where the wife left everyone as suspects? It is sad why people have to suffer further because of all the publicity plus the fact that the police have some unfinished business with ABS-CBN and with Ted Failon. Hayyyy (sigh). I wonder.