If you were to use acronyms for the said issue, I may say that TED FAILON is indeed an ABS-CBN LOYALIST because even his case has a trademark of the broadcasting station – TFC. Well this should stand as THE FILIPINO CHANNEL but then again I am using TFC as TED FAILON CASE.

Anyway, I was wondering about all the stories and turn of events today and it seems that we have a case similar to that of NBC. Well, I am not talking about the broadcasting station that is NBC 4 but rather about the much sensationalized NIDA BLANCA CASE.

Perhaps, the society has been too much influenced on the said case where Nida Blanca’s  husband was tagged as the suspect in the end along with her best friend and housemate that Ted Failon is being tagged as well being the husband. I do not know if this will end up with the same conclusion or open-ending but I hope it won’t.

At the end of the day, we are looking on the TFC’s final resolution and would not end up as another NBC. Justice has to be served and that people who are into the said grave offense has to face the consequences of their actions. On the otherhand, the people who are suffering due to misjudgements, harassments and false accusations are to be vindicated.

The meantime, all we can do is pray and wait for witnesses to come out. Be it another Philip Medel or some other people who can shed a light on this, it will be fine for as long as the truth can find its way finally. The truth has to come out and Justice has to be served.