anchor-ted-failonAt age 15, Ted was already working as a full time room boy in Tacloban City while studying in high school. He also worked as a waiter and a construction worker. He had to work and help his parents who, at that time, were struggling to make ends meet.

Ted grew up both in San Dionisio, Parañaque and Tacloban City, Leyte. Ted’s father, Jose, who hailed from Jaro, Leyte worked as a jeepney driver plying the Baclaran- Divisoria route. His mother, Josefina, who comes from Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur, was a market vendor in Parañaque.

Ted was able to attend college with the help of his sister, Teresa. He took up AB Economics in Colegio de San Juan de Letran while working as a disc jockey in a small joint along Edsa and Cubao, Quezon City.

In 1980, Ted moved to Tacloban again. From AB Economics he shifted to AB Mass Communications at the Divine Word University. He continued working as a disc jockey at different local discos. Ted applied in 1982 at DYPL-AM, a local radio station, where he was accepted as a driver/reporter. This is where Ted officially started in radio.

In 1983, Ted got married at 21 and he had to quit school and work full-time as an announcer and production head in DYPL-AM. It was in 1987 that, at only 25 years old, Ted became the station manager of DYPL-AM.

In 1988, Ted tried his luck in Manila but it was not his time yet. While working at DYPL-AM then, Ted met the owner of DWGV-FM, a local station in Angeles, Pampanga, who convinced him to work as a program and production director for the station while he was looking for a job in Manila. Ted accepted the offer and relocated to Pampanga. During this time, he kept going back to Manila to apply at different networks.

In May 1990, Ted applied at ABS-CBN News for the third time and was finally accepted as a desk editor. In a few months time, Ted was given a break on DZMM where he became anchor of the 2-4 AM show, Gising Pilipinas! Opportunities both in radio and television kept pouring in and Ted soon became a regular anchor of DZMM. He co-hosted Bayan Ko, Sagot Ko and Bahay Kalinga and became segment host of Mission Exposé and Wanted on TV Patrol. Ted introduced to the station the public service program, Aksyon Ngayon! where he and Korina Sanchez’s tandem started. Ted then became anchor of the would-be phenomenon TV program, Hoy! Gising together with Korina where their partnership would become well-known and admired. In 1995, Ted was appointed as Radio News Manager of DZMM. Ted likewise did Pulso Aksyon Balita – the late night news program that took over World Tonight and MIB: Mga Imbestigador ng Bayan.

Ted is public service personified; and because his programs have always been in the interest of the masses, different award-giving bodies have recognized the efforts of his shows. His radio program, Aksyon Ngayon has received numerous awards including Best Radio Public Service Program by the Catholic Mass Media Awards. The unparalleled program Hoy! Gising received many accolades as well such as Star Awards for Best Public Service Program. It was even recognized by Gawad CCP as “Isa sa pinakamahusay na programang pangtelebisyon…” Ted himself has garnered numerous awards including Best Public Service Program Host for Hoy! Gising. While working, Ted realized the importance of having a college degree and so in 1994 he enrolled at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and in 1996, Ted was able to graduate from college with a degree in Broadcast Communications. After which Ted took up Law at the Arellano Law Foundation in Manila. Unfortunately, his tight schedule and heavy workload did not permit him to finish Law School.

In 2001, Ted ran for Congress for the First District of Leyte as an independent candidate against an incumbent political giant and won. During that time Ted did radio once a week with Korina. He also became host of his own show for the ABS-CBN News Channel called Good News that received the Catholic Mass Media award for Best TV News magazine Show in 2003. After serving for only one term, Ted realized that politics was not his calling and so he came back full-time to his first love.

Currently, Ted has programs both in radio and television. Just recently, Anak TV Seal named Ted as one of the 10 Most Admired Personalities in Television. Ted can be seen on television every night in the primetime newscast program of ABS-CBN, TV Patrol World. On radio, he can be heard delivering the news at 7 in the morning for DZMM Radyo Patrol Balita, awarded by the KBP as Best Radio Newscast and Ted as Best Radio Newscaster. Then at 8:30 in the morning, Ted is heard again alongside Korina in the multi-awarded commentary program of DZMM, Tamabalang Failon at Sanchez where he delivers his signature smart and witty commentaries. And because of his background in FM radio, the top-rater is filled with new gimmicks, amusing segments and entertaining music all.

Ted’s story reflects his beliefs that there are no small dreams. Armed with inherent talent and the passion to learn and work, he has overcome immense challenges in his life. Forever grateful and low-key, Ted gives back to the people by touching their hearts and stimulating their minds; he continues to change people’s lives. Ted is simply living proof that a little probinsiyano like him can do well in the big city.