ted-failonI was reading so many news article about the shooting incident involving the wife of a famous news anchor who is supposed to be running as a senator in the coming 2010 election. The incident happened yesterday before noon and it has been topping the headlines both in prints and online since then.

Allegedly it was a suicide as per initial interviews with the household involved where a suicide letter was even provided. The investigators on the otherhand are checking on an angle of foul play since the couple have had an marital argument the night before and that discrepancies were noted on Ted Failon’s statements.

What makes the investigators wonder is the fact that the entire crime scene was cleaned including the car that took the wife to the New Era Hospital. Perhaps, there was no bad intention at all and that people just wanted to get rid of the blood and its smell so they had to clean everything. On the otherhand, this can also point to something.

I have known Ted Failon as a good commentator and news reporter. I listen to his radio program almost every morning as I drive my way to the office. His program starts after Neil Ocampo’s, who is also a favorite. I like it when he teases Laila Chickadora as he introduce her coupled with the famous power hugs.

I do not know what to think. Indeed this could have rooted from a domestic violence or perhaps something that we cannot explain for now but I do hope that justice is served and that judgement is served fairly. We cannot judge the couple. Trina Etong had perhaps all the reason that time to end her life or perhaps Ted Failon at that time was too much confused that he got into all these alleged “obstruction of justice” thingy.

It is sad that the wife had to die if it were indeed all about finances. Ted Failon could have saved his wife if only he tried his best to. Some husbands would leave during fights to ease the tension but this is not applicable on cases where the issue is so grave that threats are already injected due to depression and frustration.

On the otherhand, if what we have here rooted from a foul play or murder perhaps, I can just hope and pray that justice is served to Trina Etong-Failon and that if Ted Failon or anyone else are guilty indeed, they should face the consequences of their act. Nonetheless, we do not want misjudgement here since much damage has been done already.