Note: I was talking with my mother and wife during the vacation last week as we were sharing some reviews about books that we read and about our careers when my mom who is a bookworm like me mentioned a book that she just completed reading.

Thus, I opened my laptop and googled the book. Well, below is a summary taken from

the-janitorThe Janitor is a powerful read that has sold nearly 400,000 copies worldwide.
It’s the story of CEO Roger Kimbrough who is in the middle of a personal crisis. He is so consumed by work, so overwhelmed by commitment, that he neglects his wife and barely knows his own kids. His home has become a battlefield. His life is unraveling. Enter Bob Tidwell, the company’s janitor who does a lot more than empty trash containers. Bob has walked in Roger’s shoes because once upon a time, he too was a driver on the fast-track-to-success highway. But he was shown another way – a better way. In this fable, the two men strike up an unlikely friendship and Roger’s life and business take a dramatic turn.
This quick read isn’t just for the business person. It hits home with anyone who likes a quality story with huge takeaways that inspire, reshape attitudes, and truly provoke thought.
The authors invite you to do what Roger Kimbrough did. Pull up a chair, brew some tea, and prepare to have true wisdom from a lifetime of experiences passed down to you.
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