The hell I care with your problem! That’s what I thought of saying awhile ago during the meeting since someone is accusing me of being a part of something that I was not even aware of. Hehehe. I was really amazed yet I was not surprised because since the news erupted 2 Fridays ago, I expected being linked as I am closely associated with the people who are so close to the client.

To better simulate the scenario, a meeting was held on a Wednesday where it was discussed that an action is to be made on Friday should the issue remain unresolved. As a result, a manager allegedly communicated the drastic decision to a client’s client on the night of the meeting and started cold-calling engineers for pull-out.

As a result, the client’s client informed the client. The client got mad because the manager bypassed them and that the NDA was violated. To this end, the client called the manager-at-fault and the company as well out of protest. The manager denied to the client having to communicate at all with the client’s client via phone. Thus, the game of pass-the-ball started because of the said denial.

On the Friday, there were several talks with the manager and with the upper management. One of the subordinate of the manager leaked that he has seen his manager do phone calls about the pull-out and about the proposition of forced leaves as people arrive. He also was quoted saying that his manager talked to the client directly. This news must have reached former employees with personal relations to the client.

The client, being mad, had a chat with some of the former employees and one had a talk to hear about the client’s protest. At the client’s office, some engineers who are friends to former employees are witnessing as well some arguments via phone with the client talking to the manger-at-fault. The client was claiming that their client informed them about it and that they see everything unprofessional. The story was growing.

Back in our office, I was quite busy preparing for our Holy Week Support the entire day that I went down for a dinner and a bottle of my favorite beer. My friends were there along with former employees which is a usual event during Fridays. The story was being talked about. I sat there without fully knowing the entire score although for a fact, I know the decision made but I do not even know if it was executed as scheduled.

I went upstairs to get my things so I can leave for home. I saw an Indian friend who happens to be a part of the management. There, I tried asking him if the decision was executed and if the manager-at-fault indeed communicated directly to the client’s client when the engagement was sub-contracting where we have an NDA protecting it. He said that he knew not much since it was the manager who was in-charge of the said decision.

I went home. I spent the entire Holy Week under a WORK FROM HOME mode. I came back to work and the ball game has ended where allegedly 3 names were dropped by the client. As mentioned, I was part of that as they say. I was quite mad upon hearing it because I knew I am being linked to it due to my relationship with former managers and with some engineers assigned to the project. The only problem is that I do not even know the client in person and I have never even attempted to communicate to them.

The manager-at-fault is in denial. He said he has not communicated at all and that the leak indeed came from the attendees of the meeting which was cascaded to one of the managers. The truth as conveyed to me by my friends was that the manager indeed called the client’s client and then the client’s client complained to the client. Thus, if not for the manager talking, the client’s client would not even call the client. I apologize for the redundancy!

I wonder why it is so hard to understand that it was him. I do not understand as well why I have to be implicated on this just because I get to meet my friends regularly who happen to be former managers and in close relation to the client. Isn’t it clear that the LEAK did come from the manager down to the client’s client? Is it impossible for someone from the side of the client’s client to alarm the client directly about this? More so, of all the cold-callings to the engineers about the possible pull-out and force-leaves, is it not possible that the story grew from that point until it reached someone who could have alarmed the client?

So why put all the blame on me? I hate to say this but my name has been used so many times that I do not even care the hell about my accuser’s business. If they indeed did not want any complication out of this, they could have just listened to our protest in the first place of respecting the NDA and do a talk with the client directly rather than bypassing them and notifying the client’s client when we are merely subcontractors posing as employees of the client.

It is sad to know that some people decorated with so many designations and certifications ends up lower than who they are supposed to be because they cannot even stand by their own principles and decisions. It is disappointing to know that someone can even deny his own actions and pass the blame onto others who are not even involve on the mess he has created.

 Even at a point where I am so mad, I do not drop names be it someone I hate or a company or client I work or worked for in verbal or even via blog. Every action and decision I made for almost 3 decades now were taken with full responsibility and accountability. I wonder why some people with higher education and much older than me cannot do the same gesture of respect and professionalism?

I hate this game!!!